Free Custom «Communication Strategies» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Communication Strategies» Essay Paper

Since JetBlue wants to gain a considerable market share in Mexico and United Kingdom the company has to embark on a serious communication strategy. JetBlue’s marketing push will be tied to the carrier’s drive to reach many potential travelers in UK and Mexico. It is important to note that JetBlue’s communication strategy should represent a move in how the carrier and its business associates approach marketing in UK and Mexico. JetBlue without any doubt is changing the way marketing online should be approached by large carriers. The communications strategy should be designed to counter on the airline's key competitive differences and to commemorate its venerable efforts to provide a superior travel experience. This experience has been praised because of the way in which JetBlue has grown, over the past ten years. The communication strategy features an all-inclusive mix of media coverage including online, social media, TV, print, and in-flight components.

Target Market

Even before targeting any particular market, customers have become jaded about flying (Dunne & Lusch, 2007). As a result JetBlue’s target market in UK and Mexico will be aging bargain hunters, college kids, young professionals, business, government, tourists and affluent consumers who have all embraced the airline because of what it offers to them.


JetBlue’s target market in Mexico will be the urban population and its middle to upper class travelers. Haussmann, Austin & Mia (2008) indicated that an important strategy for JetBlue is to cushion against increasing travel costs against increasing travel costs. In Mexico this can be achieved through rebranding and upgrading the destinations to high quality vacation spots and target more premium customers (Haussmann, Austin & Mia, 2008). In Mexico, JetBlue should continually monitor changing consumer preferences and trends to tailor their destinations to the new needs. JetBlue should also target the millions of middle and lower-middle class Mexicans who are tired of bumpy bus rides between the cities. JetBlue should target 8% business travellers looking for expediency, consistency, speed, and schedules built around their business needs. For Government and international organization travellers the carrier should target 5%. For personal, tourist and leisure travellers JetBlue’s target market should be 25%. Finally for seasonal holiday travellers JetBlue should target 20%. The tourist and leisure target market presents the biggest market share for JetBlue in Mexico.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom JetBlue should target business travellers. As a discount provider who also focuses on customer service, they can appeal to cost-sensitive business people that need to cut travel costs but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, convenience, and modernity. JetBlue should investigate opportunities in United Kingdom to increase corporate travel partnerships.

JetBlue’s target market could mostly be domestic leisure passengers as well as business or international travelers looking for value. JetBlue should target 15% business travellers requiring ease, dependability, swiftness, and timetables built around business needs. For Government and international organization travellers the carrier should target 10%. For personal, tourist and leisure travellers JetBlue’s target market should be 10%. Finally for seasonal holiday travellers JetBlue should target 10%. All this target market will be achieved through the airlines cost, reliability and convenience. The business, government and international organizations will present JetBlue’s biggest target market in UK.       

Create marketing purposes

In their studies, Dunne & Lusch (2007) indicated that JetBlue has been the market leader in customer satisfaction in other countries such as US. Bennett (n.d) says that JetBlue’s marketing purposes should be to build a unique brand and achieve fundamental differentiation. Through creating a marketing purpose JetBlue will ensure that its customer know what it stands for, especially as the company’s ability to continually provide a significantly lower price comes into question (Bennett, n.d). The major reason for creating marketing purpose for JetBlue should be to identify customer opportunities in UK and Mexico and suggest product opportunities for its customers in those two countries. Enz (2009) indicated that “through marketing purpose JetBlue will create advertising and promotional programs and create pricing and customer service policies that will help it position its products for the proper customer groups in UK and Mexico”(p. 294).

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JetBlue’s marketing purpose will influence the company’s marketing decisions. Enz (2009) mentioned that JetBlue’s marketing purposes may require that the carrier identifies attributes of products and services that customers will value, price and distribute the product or service in ways that capitalize on the differentiation and advertise and promote JetBlue’s image of difference in UK and Mexico.  Kotler & Keller (2007) says that through the marketing purpose JetBlue will tell its customers about its travel services, by what kind of people, where and when and explain what the carriers brand stands for. For JetBlue marketing will link its brands to people in UK and Mexico, their experiences and feelings. It will also create brand awareness, image, response and facilitate stronger consumer connection especially in UK were the carrier is likely to face major competition (Kotler & Keller, 2007).

Marketing Mix

In both UK and Mexico JetBlue’s marketing mix will encompass the carrier’s products, prices, promotion and place or distribution strategies.


In Mexico the airline should offer point to point routes and across the borders air transport services. Some of these destinations include Mexico City; and major tourist destinations such as Cancun, Los Cabos, and Puerto Vallarta. In the UK JetBlue will provide high quality customer services, primarily on point to point routes focusing on underserved markets and large metropolitan areas that typically have high average fares. In the United Kingdom, JetBlue focus cities should include London, Manchester and Liverpool.


JetBlue prices will be the lowest in UK and Mexico for point to point model. This is because the airline focuses on flying longer routes spread its fixed costs thinner. Dunne & Lusch (2007) says that with each plane in the air one or three hours more than the competitors each day JetBlue will face little competition on price in both UK and Mexico. According to Dunne & Lusch (2007) JetBlue’s total costs should equal about 6.5% per mile well below the per-mile costs of most major competitors in UK. As a result, JetBlue’s low cost structure will allow the carrier to keep ticket prices low while delivering a comfortable flying experience especially in Mexico were middle income earners travel mostly by buses between cities (Dunne & Lusch, 2007). In addition, Bennett (n.d) indicated that JetBlue will charge additional fees on reservation changes, baggage limitations and TrueBlue frequent flyer point sales and concession.


JetBlue’s tagline in both UK and Mexico will be “You above all”. Kotler & Keller (2007) says that the airlines advertising costs in both UK and Mexico will be $60 Million higher than that used in 2009. In the United Kingdom the target audience will be business travellers, international organizational and government officials. In Mexico the target audience will be primarily leisure and tourists travellers. JetBlue will provide good customer’s experiences rather than spending on big advertising budgets. Promotion in both UK and Mexico will be carried out through newspapers, magazines, television, radio, internet, social media, outdoor billboards, targeted public relations, local events and sponsorships, and mobile marketing programs (Bennett, n.d). According to Bennett (n.d), JetBlue will provide other onboard boxed meals, R&R, planes (young fleet), award-winning service, Customer loyalty program, DirecTV programming, XM Satellite Radio, Movies & more, NFL Sunday Ticket, Free wireless and Customer Bill of Rights.

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Place (Distribution)

JetBlue will achieve distribution in UK and Mexico through its primary website Bennett (n.d) says that online travel sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz and Priceline will play a significant role in distribution of its services. JetBlue’s other distribution channels include GDS (Sabre, Travelport and Amadeus). 

Integrated Communications

Integrated communications employs a wide range of communication tools, messages and audiences.  JetBlue must allocate budget for the six major modes of integrated communication in both UK and Mexico (Kotler & Keller, 2007). JetBlue’s integrated communications will involve advertising, sales promotion, public relations and publicity, events and experiences, sales force and direct marketing (Kotler & Keller, 2007). JetBlue should combine all the integrated communications for clarity, consistency and maximum impact through the seamless combination of messages in the countries. According to Kotler & Keller (2007) advertising will be used to forge a long term image for JetBlue services and at the same time trigger quick sales. In both UK and Mexico integrated communications will require a large budget.  

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Forms of promotion

Promotion will help JetBlue to dramatize product offers and boost ticket sales. Kotler & Keller (2007) says that through promotion JetBlue customers will gain attention to the airline services and offer a concession or an inducement that will give value to its consumers. There are several forms promotion which includes price discounts, catalogues, coupons, samples, gifts and competitions. Hollensen (2007) says that JetBlue can use price discounts in a variety of price reduction techniques such as cash back deals to attract customers in these two emerging markets. In both UK and Mexico, JetBlue will use catalogues to close the gap between its customers. This is because through catalogues customers will be supplied with all the necessary information from prices, flight schedule and acceptable forms of payment (Hollensen, 2007).

JetBlue can also use travel samples as a form of promotion in UK and Mexico. Hollensen (2007) says that travel samples will give JetBlue’s potential customers an idea of the airline’s quality of service that cannot be attained by even the best graphic picture. JetBlue should employ all these forms of promotion to attract new triers, reward loyal customers and to increase the travel rates of occasional customers. These forms of sales promotion will attract brand switchers in UK and Mexico who will primarily be looking for low price, good travel value and premiums offered by JetBlue (Kotler & Keller, 2007). 


Communications strategies will play a key role in JetBlue’s entry into UK and Mexico market. The airline should enhance its social media marketing program in both countries in order to gain a large market share. JetBlue should explore its targeted marketing opportunities in both UK and Mexico using its new integrated customer service. The airline should also increase its promotions to business travelers in UK and tourists in Mexico. In line with that, the carrier should expand in underserved cities in Mexico and increase point to point flight connections in UK. This will increase its market share in those two countries. In terms of its communication strategy JetBlue has an upper hand because of its high brand awareness; rated as top low cost airline for customer satisfaction. This trend should be replicated in both UK and Mexico. JetBlue should ensure that all its integrated marketing activities work together and be supported across multiple media where possible in order to reach as many potential customers as possible.



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