Free Custom «Communication in Marketing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Communication in Marketing» Essay Paper

In a global market, communication is the last process to undertake. Communication carries information to any interest of the consumers. It is used to persuade customers, either in the present or in the future. It also used to remind customers the existing products.

In order for the message to reach the targeted group of people, the sender must have a clear understanding of the purpose that the message is intended to convey. However this information may not be communicated in the right manner, especially if there is a language barrier between the two parties, economic difference in accessing the medium used in communication, social cultural factors, and regulatory factors.

In setting up good communication, the team involved should consider what to say to the customers, that is how to use the product, as well as the advantages which are likely to be achieved while using the products. The team should also apply the communication mix such as advertising, sales promotion, public relation, personal selling among others. With the use of any of the communication mix, the communication process must be followed(Lamb, 2004). This is from the sender, receiver, message, media, encoding, decoding, response feedback, and noise.

The management should also develop an effective communication process through identification of the target group, determination of communication aims, design of the communication process, selection of the best channels of the communication, determining the cost involved in the communication, determining the method to be used, interpreting the results, and making the necessary follow up to integrate the process.

Any communication mix should be well understood and also take into account what it is meant to convey. For example advertising mix should select the medium to be used and how it will affect the sales of the product.

Using the communication knowledge, the best communication mix is chosen since one has got the knowledge concerning any of the communication requirements. In a professional set up, use of the communication to make the products sale in the market may in turn increase the profit of the company, or put it in a better competition position.



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