Free Custom «Clip-on-Cup» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Clip-on-Cup» Essay Paper

Clip-on-cup otherwise known as Anthony’s clip is a protective device that fits around the area where the child or an adult is circumcised.  It’s specially designed to minimize the painful and discomfort effects of circumcisions by not letting the circumcised area get attached to clothing in adult males or diapers in children (Nather et al, 2007). Generally, it is a Plastibell plus a cage for the tip of the area to hold the dressings while also letting the urine run away from the cut site.

Its purpose is to protect the glans of a circumcised male, either a child or an adult. It helps in minimizing the discomforts brought by the area getting attached to clothing or the dippers that the adult or the child wears. The device minimizes wound care after circumcision and leads to faster healing especially in babies. Most times the parents buy it from the hospital to go with it home with their circumcised babies and facilitate protection and healing of the circumcised area. Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin from the male penis (Denniston, 2009). The foreskin protects the glans of the penis because it is very sensitive. When a male person is circumcised, the glans is left with no protection and thus causes discomfort to the person, especially the first few weeks after circumcision. Therefore, there has to be an alternative to protect both the glans and the area of the circumcision. That’s why a clip-on-cup is necessary for the protection.

Clip–on-cup is comprised of a clip and a cup-like structure. The clip is a finger-like structure that holds the cup on the part so that it does not slip off the circumcision area. The other device is the cup-like or bell-like plastic structure which has a small hole at its bottom. It is shaped like that so that it can fit on the glans. This device is fitted on the penis after circumcision such that it covers up the area above the circumcised area. In case the person wants to urinate, he does not have to remove the clip-on-cup but rather the hole on the device facilitates the urination process.

Anthony’s clip is unique and special in its own way. It has a cotton-like inner lining that is very soft and it ensures maximum comfort while wearing the clip-on-cup. It can be used for males only. The lining also acts as a bandage to cover the wound on the circumcised area since it can be changed hourly or daily depending on the state of the wound.

Features and Benefits

Anthony's clip has the following features

Feature Description Benefit
Cotton Lining Found on the inner part, very thin and can be removed or changed to ensure that the wound does not get infected -Ensures maximum comfort while wearing the clip-on-cup since it prevents the pressing of the circumcision area by the clip-on-cup in case it is pressed by the clothes one is wearing. (Nather et al, 2007)
Outer plastic cover Found on the outer part of the clip-on cup

-Also prevents the pressing of the circumcision area by the clothes or diaper one wears.


Hole Found on the inside -Facilitates urination
Bell-shaped clip on cup   - Shaped to fit the glans and to ensure comfort when wearing it.
Very flexible and elastic clip  

- This ensures that the device does not slip off from the circumcision area. (Nather et al, 2007)

-It holds the ‘cup’ in place for maximum protection

Rubber Lining   - Makes sure that it does not hurt the part that it s attached to.

This features make Anthony’s clip a very efficient tool to use after circumcision and fits every customer’s requirement.  Brings comfort to circumcised babies and male adults by minimizing pain and discomfort felt when clothes touch the circumcised area. This product targets mothers who have their babies circumcised and adults who are circumcised before the healing. The features give this product a competitive advantage and more satisfaction to customers.



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