Free Custom «Chevy Tahoe» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Chevy Tahoe» Essay Paper

The Chevrolet Tahoe is one of the new models of SUVs from the General Motors Company. The SUV which is analogous to the GMC Yukon started being sold at the beginning of the 1990s under the model name ‘Jimmy’ together with other various SUVs. Later on GMC rebranded the full size ‘Jimmy’ and thus was called the Yukon. About 4 years later, the midsize S 10 Blazer was rebranded as the Blazer which made the full size blazer to be renamed Tahoe. Today, GMC Yukon together with the Chevrolet Tahoe are General Motor’s full size SUVs.

The Chevy Tahoe is a beautiful and luxurious SUV that is made to provide the customer with a lot of resilience, power and comfort. One of the greatest strength of the car is its fuel efficiency. According to the vehicle’s website, it offers unbeaten fuel efficiency in its class (Tahoe SUV, 2011). With the price of gas rising to record heights, the car promises its customers the best fuel consumption rate which means that buyers have an upper hand over other SUV drivers. It has the ability and strength to handle the demands of even the harshest roads. This makes it ideal for people living in the country side which is one of its target markets.

Another strength of the car is its Z71 Off-road Suspension Package. This feature helps in absorbing the distresses and shocks of the difficult and harsh terrain of its targeted market. The aluminum underbody at the front of the car ensures that the vehicle is free from debris that could be on its path. In addition, the off-road package provides a grip when the car is moving on a rough topography such as mud or gravel.

The interior of the car is one that anyone could simply die for. The car promises its occupants an excellent amalgamation of functionality, beauty and design in addition to class and comfort. The car can accommodate up to 9 passengers which makes it perfect for a big family. The cargo area allows ample space that could accommodate sizable cargo for a common family. There is also the driver information center that provides the drive with all the necessary information as he drives, such as tire pressure, engine oil life, mileage as well as the fuel range. The beautiful part of all this is that the car allows you to customize the messages for the information being relayed. The comfort and joy of the heated and cooled pricked leather seats in combination of the cool DVD Entertainment System is unrivalled.

The technology that has been incorporated in the car is simply mind-blowing. With a touch on the steering wheel you can make or answer calls using the Bluetooth wireless technology. The car has an OnStar(10) Turn by Turn navigation system as well as a system to track traffic as you drive. All these features make it the dream car of most people in the current society.

What is the target market for this vehicle? Chevy Tahoe has been specifically designed for any area geographically and for any person psychologically. The strong body, the good off-road feature as well as its efficient fuel consumption makes it an ideal car for the country as well as the city. The vehicle could not however fit the young generation who likes small and chic cars. Therefore it is meant for grown ups in different professions such as farming and construction.

The positioning of Tahoe in the current market is believed to be mostly hampered by its pricing. The vehicle with all the benefits like we have discussed above will definitely be a bit more expensive than the rest in its class. It has not made as much sales as had been projected at the beginning (GM News, 2011). The Tahoe is definitely a good car but all its convenience, comfort and power comes at a price.

In summary, Chevy Tahoe is an SUV of its own kind that comes with many improvements from the previous ones to suite the rough terrain. Its fuel consumption is very efficient and it possesses the agility, strength and beauty that make it an ideal car for the countryside. Its positioning in the market is largely affected by its price which is a bit out of reach for many people. However, it is a car that can suit different demographical, geographical and psychological environments as well as lifestyles.



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