Free Custom «Brand Loyalty » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Brand Loyalty    » Essay Paper

Primary research on branding

In marketing, brand loyalty consists of the commitments that a consumer shows toward repurchasing or continued use of a particular brand. This can be depicted by repeated purchasing of a product or service as well as other positive behaviors for instance pipeline advocacy. Clients may repeatedly buy a particular brand because of situational constraints for example vendor lock-in, when they lack viable options, or if the brand is more convenient over other brands. Clients can even pay higher prices irrespective of how the product will cost to serve and can as well bring in more customers to be purchasing the products just by introducing the advantages of the particular brand (Durkin, 2005).

My friend called Abraham is extremely loyal to Dell products especially Dell laptop computers. He is so much informed about the brand and has purchased many Dell laptop computers. I tried to enquire from the same friend the reason to he likes this brand as compared to other brands like HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Sony, Lenovo, and many others. From the information I acquired from him, I found that Dell is an esteemed company manufacturing a wide range of laptops worldwide. The laptops highly regarded among the consumers in the laptop computer market. The company considers all classes of consumers before producing their products such that it can produce laptops for all classes of customers ranging from office workers to professionals, students, enterprises, business people and others. In the laptop computer market, the Dell laptops are available in a wide range of designs, features, colors and more. These are compact laptops with light weights. Holding a Dell laptop in hands, consumers feel so convinced. These laptops are trendy and stylish as they are embellished with all the latest functions and features.

Dell laptop computers are portable since they are light and are small in size even if they serve the same purpose as home desktop computers. The Dell laptops have got a great storage space in the hard disk such that one can save as many personal documents as possible, they possess extremely improved memory as the capacity of the RAM is large, their batteries have long life such that they keep the power for long after being charged, the laptops come with wide range of attractive colors thus a client can have an option about the color preferred, and they are sold with many years warrant so that incase of any problem concerning the functionality of the computer, they can be surrendered back to distributors and get rectified.

I also found that Dell has got increased technological integration and communication which makes it possible for the customers to go onto the Internet whenever they want their computer to get personalized, get information, or even when they want to place an order. This becomes more efficient for the Dell clients and they benefit a lot. The most important criteria that Dell Company uses to distribute its products, is the Direct Model criteria. In this case the consumer can order a particular product directly from the factory without involving the retailer in the middle stages, and because of this the consumer can purchase a laptop of his/her choice just by sending an order with specifications concerning the product needed.

The Dell laptops are cheaper than other laptops of the same specification. I found that recently, the Dell’s marketing efforts are not as much focused on the customizability and the product features as they are focused on the reduced price. This has become a define feature of the Dell laptop computers. This makes most consumers order Dell products as much as they can be able buy since they can afford. Dell also targets most of its personal consumers by direct email campaigns as well as print and television advertising.

Secondary research on branding

Dell Computer Corporation is among the largest computer manufacturers in the world. It has experienced a tremendous growth from the time of its incorporation in the year 1984. Dell is using its Direct Model for fast and cost-efficient means of production as well as customer friendly means of distribution. Today, the computer market is ever changing, and therefore Dell is experiencing stiff competition as the other computer companies producing unique and new products in an attempt to defeat the transcendence of the Direct Model. This growth and development of laptop computers is a major field in which Dell can operate for every day success, in spite of the threats it is experiencing from the many competitors around the world (Hartline, 2007).

It is apparent that the market for laptop computers is the fastest growing segment among other segments in the computer industry. In the course of the market’s growth and development the market has changed deal concerning the varied customer demands. So that to cater for these demands Dell has looked to market trends to assist in the development of unique and new products. The laptop market has really been influenced by many trends during its recent stages. Usually, the entire market for personal computers is being determined by most of these trends. Basically, the clients are tending to become more regarding their purchases. It has been found that first-time buyers purchase fewer computers as compared to those customers who have purchased the personal computers before as they purchase very may of them (I.,1992).

Dell is developing new and unique laptop computers so that to target three particular market segments. The first segment is that, business executives normally receive their personal computers from employer by a direct relationship with a supplier or manufacturer. The second segment is that, college and university students, usually purchase their computers through the learning institution that they attend. The third and final segment is that, Dell is trying to explore the alternative of making laptop computers to replace the home desktop computers. It has been seen that each and every market segment poses its own possibilities and challenges (Hartline, 2007).

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Apparently, most of the strengths that Dell possesses come about due to the Direct Model. This model itself can be regarded the greatest asset among many others. First and foremost, this Direct Model enables clients to absolutely customize their laptop computers. Individuals around the world who are the target market are becoming more educated thus they look for a product that can really target their particular needs. For instance, in the case of laptops, the clients go for more alternatives in terms of both portability and performance. Dell has enabled all the buyers to order the laptop computers directly from the factory where they are made; therefore they get the opportunity to customize their product (Durkin, 2005).

Increased technological integration and communication as well create increased opportunities for Dell. It is now possible that customers can go onto the Internet for their computer to get personalized, to get information, or place an order. Both Dell and its clients are getting this more efficient and at large the benefits are very many. Because of the online store where the customers get what they want concerning the products, Dell is lacking physical retail stores.

The present market trends in the personal computers industry, particularly for laptops, are so much determined by constant changing consumer wants, demands, and needs. Owing to this fact, a company such as Dell Computer Corporation is drove into a ceaseless state of acquiring adaptation so that to satisfy clients. Dell has taken maximum advantage of its strengths while considering its weakness by identifying both threats and opportunities from macro environment, and by this it can position itself as a very important shareholder in a strongly competitive market.



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