Free Custom «Beauty in Brand Promotion» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Beauty in Brand Promotion» Essay Paper


Is beauty a factor in employing sales agents for brand promotion? Are companies discriminating, when they employee based on looks? Based in the comments by Marshal Cohen, in the business world, many things have changed. Companies are searching for that beautiful person that will promote the companies brands. Moreover, company management thinks that they get a competitive edge in employing beautiful sales agent over the other companies. This is because it attracts more customers to their brands than in a normal situation. However, discrimination questions arise every day on whether companies are performing the ethical duty to the society or not, when they are employing their sales executive based on looks. Therefore, based on the article 'Going for the Look,' the essay discusses whether looks attract more customers or not and its ethical implications.


According to the article, this is true, because beautiful sales agents attract customers to the company. In America, many retail stores are searching for that beautiful sales agent that will promote the brands of the stores. For example, a high school student was saying that, if he saw one of the sales attendants in the stores wearing a t-shirt, most likely he would buy it. This is because the sales agents in the stores are handsome or beautiful. Therefore, being associated with what they are wearing makes the student to be handsome or beautiful. In light of this evidence, it is true to say that looks attract more customers to the stores and buy their brands.

Companies who employ their sales based on looks have a competitive advantage over the other companies since they are able to attract more customers. According to surveys done by scholars, it has been realized that stores that employ based on looks tend to attract customers, thus gaining a competitive advantage over the other companies. For example, Abercrombie & Fitch Store employs sales agent based on their looks as compared to other stores like Wal-Mart. Therefore, due to this, Abercrombie is growing quickly as compared to Wal-Mart with the fame of having beautiful employees. This is attracting customers to the Abercrombie stores. Henceforth, looks help a company to attract more customers than the other companies gaining the competitive advantage.

However, there are ethical issues rising over the issue of hiring employees based on looks. The federal government and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have been at the forefront accusing companies that hire their employees based on looks is unethical. This is based on the grounds of discrimination. For instance, when a company hires a beautiful tall blonde young woman, it is discriminating those people, who are disabled or other communities that do not posses such qualities. On the other hand, companies are arguing that, when they do not hire based on this strategy they might lose the competitive advantage. Based on the evidence, it is discriminative, but if the companies hire beautiful people, who have the right qualification it cannot be discrimination. Therefore, whether it is ethical to employ beautiful people or not depends on how the situation is looked at.


According to the words of Marshal Cohen, it is true that companies are searching for that beautiful person, who will market the company's brand. This is because customers are likely to be attracted to those stores that have beautiful or handsome attendants as compared to the other stores. For this reason, the companies tend to employ based on looks for brand promotion. The issue of whether there is discrimination or not is tricky. This is because it depends on the different perspectives of people and companies on how they view the situation.



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