Free Custom «Bank Project» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Bank Project» Essay Paper

Overview of Methodology

This is a model that is structured around the methodology of individualized operation. This means that the methodology factored into consideration, the need for users to personally manipulate the system without much external assistance (Appleton, 1997). To achieve this, the waterfall model was used. The waterfall model used was according to Royce's original waterfall model, which is systematic and involves specific steps such as requirements specification, design, implementation, integration, testing, installation and maintenance. These steps are implemented in upward approach meaning that there is no room for going back to a preceding step before the end of the model (Select Business Solutions, 2012).

Justification of Methodology

Generally the waterfall model was considered appropriate because it allows for systematic implementation. There was therefore no need to rush with the system. Even more, the waterfall model permitted sequential completion of the project whereby all experts and personnel who needed to work on the model did not have to be present at all time before the system could be built. Personnel whose duties were due as and when their turn on the stage came were posted to the working site. Finally, the model is well documented and so allows for transfer of learning from one user to the other.

Complexity of the Project

The project model does not allow itself to a lot of changes. This is because the waterfall model is a straight forward model that demands that one stage on the building process be completely completed before the next stage is jumped unto. The project also takes a linear implementation structure, which means that part of the system cannot be made ready and put to use before remaining parts are completed later. The system is so complex that every part of it must be completed before the whole system can be of use. This has been considered as a limitation of the methodology because it means that the system developers would have to have a very rigid and compact budget to complete the process (Free Tutes, 2012).

Summary and Specifications

Analyzing the development, it can be said that this has been a system development project that has been built for a bank setting. The major goal of the system is to allow maximum individualized accessibility to customers of the bank in such a way that customers can in the comfort of their home undertake banking transactions including cash transfer. One outstanding difference that this project has that other existing system like the automated teller machine does not have is that this system can be accessed from the comfort of a person’s home. This means that it works via the principle of online access where the use of bank’s website is the major implementation entity. Having said this, the following can be listed as the features of the project that was carried out:

v  Based on a website and thus involves the creation of a website

v  User checking their balance

v  User making money transfers from one account to the other

v  Limitation on the amount of transfer that can be done in a day

v  Limitation on the number of times transfers can be done in a day

v  Downloading of bank statements

v  Availability of 24/7 support system

The functionality of the system shall require an account holder of the bank to register for this individualized system. Subsequently, a special pin shall be developed for the account holder. With this pin, the account user would have to create a log in interface on the company’s website to be created for this purpose. Once the account holder log in to his or her account, he or she shall be privileged to a column that requires the user to perform one of the features described above. In the nearest future, a biometric feature shall be attached to ensure greater security for account holders (Boaitey, 2001).



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