Free Custom «Avon Case » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Avon Case » Essay Paper

Avon is a company specializing in production of cosmetics and toilet products. Avon also has another line of products which is made up of children books and toys. During the leadership of its chief strategists, Andrea Jung, Avon was faced with some problems which contributed to decline of its sales, profitability among other things. Some of these problems included pricing problems, lack of proper marketing strategy, lack of appeal of its products and low employees’ motivation. Below is a summary of recommendations that Avon would have taken in order to find solutions to some of the problems it was facing.

Need for an efficient marketing strategy was one of the issues faced by Avon. As a recommendation, Avon should focus and invest heavily in direct marketing. Direct marketing include use of television for advertisements. Back in the 20th century, Avon had quite a number of ads on the televisions and their performance was good. But in the 21st century, the main advertising method which Avon has been using is print advertisements. This does not mean that Avon is to quit using print advertisement in the magazines. It means that, Avon should incorporate direct marketing in its advertising budget. Advertising in the television helps to increase the level of awareness of the customers about the products. By using television adverts, Avon will be able to make more people informed about the availability of their products.

Another direct marketing method that Avon should focus on is telemarketing. This can be done by making calls to the clients and asking if they have Avon products. Telemarketing can also be done during holidays where telemarketers make calls to holiday makers offering them free holiday catalogues. Direct mailing can also work for Avon where they obtain names and addresses of the interested customers, and then they mail to them free catalogues. Advertisement in the local newspapers will also help increase customers’ awareness about Avon products.

Another recommendation is that Avon should rebrand its products in order to increase its products’ appeal among its customers. New brands or new product lines should also be developed to cater for the needs of different market segments. Avon has its products basically targeted to women who are between 35 and 54 years. Young women below the age of 35 are increasingly becoming good target markets for makeup and beauty products and Avon can focus on this.

As Avon introduces new brands and new product lines, it should undertake sales promotion in order to make customers aware of its new products. For instance, it can give free makeup coupons to customer when they make their first purchase of the new products or new brands.

Finally, Avon should open more distribution centers so as to make Avon products more accessible to the customers. This will relieve the customer the hustle of calling Avon ladies and having them wait for the products to be delivered.



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