Free Custom «Articles Synthesis» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Articles Synthesis» Essay Paper

The significance of color ranges influences the consumer’s thought of purchasing a product this attracts them helps in making fashion comments. A shopper reaction to the colors of products is associative learning. Associative learning occurs when individuals make connections among events that take place in the environment this elaborates person physiological reaction to color and illustrate how colors have come held certain meanings for natives of dissimilar cultures where a color may be more preferred than the other (Rohit, 2010).

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People aren’t willing to spend more and some product such as EL Rey company produces high quality chocolate makes its own brand which is hard to find outside its home market and makes effort to sell its globally since Venezuela is not legitimate source of great chocolate although its origin of the globes best cacao the demand of the product by consumers is greatly reduced despite El Rey reduces 30% price premium for cacao a raw material for making chocolate. Some consumers associate certain geography to poses the best products other competing product from developing states are poorly appreciated. Brand establishment is the greatest challenge in emerging markets but after as developing states gain global economic power the provenance paradox will be the next marketing and branding challenge in the upcoming market with less authentic in upcoming decade (Randi, 1999).

The similarity is that company with successful brand position controls the market example of prejudice against new countries emerging market. Fresh brand can gain market by overcoming provenance paradox in social media .Emerging market aim in use new strategies by offering cheap channel to capture positive customer reviews. The consumers in emerging market aim at acquiring the inexpensive without caring the quality and ignore the middle. All articles they target in brand promotion for both quality and reliability. All emerging market consumers target on essential favoring the inexpensive item which present quality when it comes to luxury.  The difference is one article is that marketers apply the theory of association to build the meaning of particular colors to build up a brand image in the region of a color. Despite the companies being prosperous the emerging market are upcoming faster than stereotypes are eroding however goods  from  emergent economies are always considered high quality thus command a price premium  even if raw material is  poor quality became well known since colonial times. In practical application, we find many customers buying the cheap products in the market as compared to more costly similar goods. The way the goods are presented in the market also influences the buyers (Morrison, 2010).


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