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Articles Synthesis

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Today’s consumer trends are the most unique trends that have been witnessed in the consumer market, and with these trends, a more and more difficult job for the marketing executives to come up with an effective marketing strategy. As Michael J. F puts it in his article “Embracing the dark side”, today’s consumers have stopped trusting in two dimensional images that used to work in adverts. Sadly for managers, he says, they have not realized this.

With these emerging trends I mind, new strategies have to be developed to help regain back clients. One strategy proposed by Fanuele is what he describes as ‘embracing the dark side’. The author explains that most companies have dark secrets that they strive to hide from consumers of their products because of fear the uptake on revelation. Jeffrey M.S argues from the pricing point of view and explains the various approaches when offering discount-which he says cannot be avoided by marketers. Aradhna K. argues in the article “How big is ‘tall’?” that consumers have some perceptions towards product labels and therefore companies should ensure that their own perception or view of the label (the company) should match that of the consumer and whether the labels achieve what they were supposed to achieve.

There is a generic agreement that some kind of sacrifice should be offered to expand the market penetration. Jeffrey says that some revenues may be forgone in favor of increasing overall sales whereas Fanuele goes for “shadow branding’ which in essence means marketing the opposite image of yourself and accepting flaws. Consumers have come to accept imperfections because something or anything that looks too pure or perfect draws suspicion.

These approaches have been quite successful for some companies. Shadow marketing for instance helped London police increase recruitment by 50% by cutting an image of authenticity and realism. The framing effect, described by Jeffrey helped ISP company NetZero grow its market over its completion AOL LLC and this was mostly attributed to the pricing policy between the two. Starbucks benefitted from the correct labeling in their brand which helped to pass the correct perception to the consumers. These marketing approaches are likely to be successful in other companies that find themselves in similar situations.

Buy custom Articles Synthesis essay paper cheap

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