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Analysis of a Marketing Campaign

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Advertising is a string of appeals, signs and proclamations intentionally calculated to manipulate the message recipient into internalizing the viewpoint of the advertiser and also act in a particular way as an effect of getting the message or just uphold a memory. It is worth noting that advertising is not at all times in the best interest of the message recipient (Jowett & O’Donnell 1999: 149). Mark Edumundson posited that advertising encourages us to people to buy so that they can be. This means that adverts do not sell us a product as much as they sell us an image to desire or aspire to. The idea in the adverts is generally that if we but the product, we will be like the persons in the advertisement. Advertisements, thus, create a need, real or perceived (Neumann & Sumser, 2002). For example, the Pepsi adverts.

Pepsi endeavors to communicate to their target audience by tempting the emotional side in the audience. In this advert, the advertisers seek to appeal to the wishes, beliefs and principles of the American child and the child inside every grown up by employing the figurative images of the Christmas period and the wonder that the periods comes with. In this advert, a Teddy Bear is viewed suspended on a thread of lights on a Christmas tree on one hand as the other he is using a candy stick to reach an open Pepsi. The advertiser endeavors to link Pepsi to the magical Christmas period and the exceptional sentiments linked with Christmas season that uncovers the child in each one of us. A closer look at the advert will reveal a warm crackling fire in the backdrop.

This brings out the warm sentiments of fireside and home and a nostalgic emotion. Using the Christmas period, the designers of the advert get the viewer to transmit the sentiments that Christmas period comes with to Pepsi. Their intention is for the viewer to take their product to be magical, enviable and a fair depiction of a family leaning product by utilizing the images of a fireplace and a home at the most magical season in a year. They tie to the wishes and sentiments of what the typical family leaning American should desire by employing controlling reflections. The advertiser wants the audience to feel that if they purchase Pepsi, they will transmit the nostalgic sentiments of family and home to their lives. The Pepsi advert show that Pepsi perceives its target market as family oriented or identifies with the family. It effectively communicates the idea that people who drink Pepsi are family-oriented people.

Buy custom Analysis of a Marketing Campaign essay paper cheap

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