Free Custom «Adverts on Cosmetics» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Adverts on Cosmetics» Essay Paper

Magazines and television stations have been making so much cash by advertising products from different companies. Advertisements have been used in a positive and the same time negative effects to consumers. Advertisements have been used to empower people on products. They have also been used in misleading people making them buy counterfeit products. There are arguments on purchasing creams and lotions or using natural methods in maintaining admirable skin (Maxine, john & Christy, 29).

Most of the descriptions used to describe the products are obvious. For instance, the lotion will moisture or dry the skin, keep it smooth, protect from germs, vitalizes the skin, keep it natural and other descriptions. There is a variety of the lotions, and the consumer is given an option to select the one that fits the type of skin. Oily, dry, dark, and light skin has different lotions to use, and, therefore, the producers use the perfect description of their products for the different skin types. In advertisements, the photo displayed is so perfect that it convince the readers of the magazine to start using them. In most cases, the person in the advertisement is famous and a role model to many people. The skin is admirable, and the consumers want to be associated with the Celebrity by sharing the same product. The person use on the ad might even be not using the product, but she is just hired because of her admirable skin.

Consumer habits otherwise known as consumer behavior refers to the aspects about a consumer that mostly influence the choices they make in purchasing products. Consumer habits influence the consumer’s decision-making process, as far as purchasing a particular product is concerned. Consumer habits can be because of their lifestyle, motivation, personality, knowledge, perceptions, beliefs, and feelings, ethnicity, past experiences, market mix factors and attitudes. Moreover, the environment also plays a crucial role in consumer habits. Some of the environmental stimuli that influence consumer habits may include political situation in the country, the technological advancement in that country, the culture practiced by the community, the demography of the country and the economy of the country. Consumer habits are hardly ever constant and they keep on changing their habits with time. This results in them also changing their expectations of the businesses around them, causing them to spend less money.

Nowadays, companies have been using advertisement as a form of marketing their products locally, and internationally. Companies always know what people like, and they try to make the impossible to be possible in their advertisements. Companies do not care the welfare of the consumer as much as their own. I mean, they lie to consumers in advertisements, to convince them in to buying their products. However, there are some products that beneficial and are correctly advertised. Most of the companies trick the consumer in to buying their products, without giving them full description on the product. For instance, they only give the customer the positive effects of the product, without mentioning the negative. Scientists state that the effects of the lotion used nowadays, especially bleaching lotion are as severe as overdosing drugs. The difference is that their symptoms are not easily identified.

Most products sold nowadays, are somehow addictive and have severe side effects on the consumer. When a consumer is tricked and introduced to a product, he or she is forced to use it throughout their lifetime. For example, some lotions that women use as make up affect the skin cells such that the skin cannot survive without them. When one stops using the skin, develop complication that can only be solved by applying the lotion. The companies making the products are sure that, one’s one start using the product he or she becomes a lifetime customer. This can only be solved be regularly visiting a gynaecologist and strictly following the advice given. This might be expensive and most of the consumers would prefer using the lotion for lifetime. In addition to this, most of consumers are ready to risk their health just to have an admirable appearance.

This is the reason why companies selling these products have established store almost everywhere. Their products are bought in large quantity on daily basis, and the most important part is that they are sure to maintain their customers. There is no law that punishes these companies. In fact, most of the consumers, praise these products for their good quality and benefits to their bodies. The producers are very sharp, because they know that consumers will discover the effects of the lotions when shifting or trying other lotions. It is said that everyone has his or her unique style, and if a person is contented with the product, it will remain to be the preferred one. Companies have succeeded in tricking consumers to buy their products using imaginary images. Even though the images displayed can be real sometimes, the expectations of the consumer are very high.

Products such as phones and other accessories have been hard for marketers to trick people into buying them. On the contrary, detergents, toothpastes, and spices have been the catching point for manufacturing industries. These are the products that are used everyday and companies have take advantage of this by convincing consumer using eye-catching advertisements. These products are available in affordable prices because they are used quantities that will make the consumer going back for more. The rise in technology has made people prefer the modern products. They keep moving with the trend of any upcoming creams and lotions. Companies have produced products with negative effects on trying to change to other cosmetics.

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Quality management system (QMS) can be defined as the organizational procedures and structures that implement quality management in businesses. In order to ensure that there is quality management the companies, some procedures must be followed. For instance, there should be total supervision of the activities taking place to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The supervisor should adapt ways of satisfying most customers by constantly improving the quality management. In addition to this, person in charge of the store should develop plans for product realization. However, this has not been the case. On the contrary, manufacturing industries and companies have only been improving ways of increasing the amounts pf profit they extract from their consumers by lying.

Companies are now concentrating with advertising that marketing because it has been discovered that consumers are easily convinced by advertisements. Apart from being advertised on magazines, advertisements have been spread everywhere, such as on web pages, on television, radio stations, and movies and on billboards. Uniqueness in the advertisement increases the competitiveness in selling their products. Companies use animals such as a lion to show how confident one may become after using the product, celebrities to show the fame one will acquire or even the plant fro where the product is extracted. Showing where the product is extracted convinces the consumer how natural product is, and it does not contain harmful chemical. For example, a recent advertisement on the television stated that, people could do anything to be noticed but all you have to do is to use the product.

Advertisements have become a form of tricking consumers in to buying products from companies. However, the government should take responsive measures in punishing and fining companies that lie about their products in order to attract consumers.



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