Free Custom «Advertisment Process Analysis» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Advertisment Process Analysis» Essay Paper


Advertisement and brand promotion has been recognized as backbone of a business concern. Therefore, an advertisement development process is based on the views, reviews, observations, analysis and evaluation of market, consumer, and the market environment. Market environment and consumer behavior observation and analysis are quite countable and have core importance in advertisement process. It also sets the visualized exposition of a brand into the masses (Belch & Belch, 2009).

By defining the advertisement, advertising is a paid exposition and presentation of ideas, products, or services by some brand, business, and product. The most common advertising media are mass Medias like magazines, newspapers, television, radio, billboards, and etc. Therefore, advertisement is more effectual because an advertisement can convey the message to hundred, thousands and even millions of buyers/consumers. Hence, advertisement makes it easy to reach to the maximum audience in a minimum time and effort.

Advertisement process:

In general understanding of marketing and advertisement, most common and considerable elements of advertisement process are consumer, needs, and innovation. However, first step in advertisement process is to understand the consumer and market, and the market segmentation. It is important to develop market segmentation before designing the advertisement and approach the advertisement campaigns. Nevertheless, market segmentation will allow the brand/organization to develop its advertisement according to the diverse consumer attitude, approach and age with different communities and cultures.

A the same time, the important constituents of advertisement process are assessing market environment, analyzing consumer behavior, observing market trends, and revolutionize the brand presentation to beat the competitors. Each advertisement process segment has been based on qualitative as well as quantitative analysis.

Therefore, the constituents of pre-advertisement process defined above can produce an effective advertisement and influential visual exposition of a brand. The advertisement process constituents are briefly described under.

Market segmentation:

Nowadays, the market has been widespread from domestic to local and from local to international. The reason behind the expansion is electronic commerce integration into the business norms. Now in the current business era it is very easy to reach the global customers, however, at the same time it brings hard time for market segmentation for developing advertisement strategy with global consumer consideration.

Geographic segmentation:

With the passage of time and expansion in business markets an international marketing strategy is now utmost business need. Geographic segmentation is to make consumers group according to geographic locations like local, domestic, national and international. It helps to analyze the target market geographically. Moreover, particularly it addresses the cultural aspects; on ground realties and market space which ultimately helps to categorically integrate them into the advertisement strategy to makeup a precise consumer oriented product and present it in an effective manner.

Demographic segmentation:

Demographic segmentation is about to evaluate the consumer. Consumer can be identified by their age, sex, family background, income, occupation, religion, race etc. Therefore, consumer is core constituent of market studies and market strategies. Moreover, consumers obviously are diverse from one another by its geographic means, demographic realities and psychographic elements. Hence, a deep study of diverse consumer demographically would make it possible to have best advertisement with consideration of demography.

Psychographic segmentation:

Different cultures have different personalities and different personalities have different psychology. Psychographic segmentation is about buyers’ class, their lifestyle and personality. Therefore, an accurate identification of consumer’s psychographic constituents is essential in advertisement development. It cannot be denied that marketing is study of consumer. So, consumer’s psychographic know-how for advertisement process is something like fuel to run the car. (Armstrong & Kotler, 2008)

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Market environment:

Market is a place where buyer and seller takes decision of purchase as well as sell the products and or services. Therefore, marketing is a process to promote the products and services. However, after globalization and E-commerce revolution marketing, business promotion, and advertisement have become more technical business activity than before (William, 2001).

With a widespread market a wisdom oriented advertisement idea can only work with current market environment. At that point it is important to understand that marketing schemes vary industry to industry. At the same time, marketing environment depends industry to industry. But, marketing schemes always depends on marketing environment.

Therefore, marketing environment matters in product and service development with appropriate identification of economic, cultural and sociopolitical factors. Moreover, advertisement also needs to consider the cultural and sociopolitical factions of the market to expose their brand/product accordingly.

Consumer behavior analysis:

Consumers are considered as running blood of an organization’s brand/product. Therefore, consumer behavior analysis is a social and psychological study of target market. It has been conducted to get know-how about when, why, where and how people do or do not show their interest or ready to purchase the products. Therefore, it is quite clear that every organization should have an excellent mechanism to study their consumers. Particularly, in reference of brand marketing/advertisement, a good liaison with consumers is important for development of consumer oriented products/services. It also has utmost importance for entrepreneurs (Hoye & Macinnis, 2009).

Market trends:

Market trends are also rivals and have great importance in advertisement process. The market trends enlighten the advertiser about the prevailing consumer mood and about the new fashions. Therefore, market trend evaluation is also part and partial of advertisement process. A keen analysis of market trends can only grant a rebellion and up to the mark brand presentation to the advertiser.

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On the other hand, market trends can also be specified as the advertisement tricks going on in the market. It also intuit the ideas regarding making comparatively a competitive advertisement. Therefore, market trends always play pivotal role in shaping up an advertisement and attaining the organizational goals.

Market competition:

Considering the market competition before designing an advertisement campaign is so essential. Therefore, market competition influences on the advertisement campaign. A competitive advertisement campaign have to identify the current market, consumer need, innovation in the industry, competitive price and a quality finished product.

However, in fact, the current technological and innovative market environment does not give a single chance to the vendor to make his impression less competitive and less comparative. Hence, the most ideal customer hunting tool for businesses is competitive and best advertisement only that guarantees sufficient customer traffic.


At the end of treatise, in brief we have reached on the conclusion that the most important activity in the business to promote a brand is marketing and advertisement. From above written material, it can easily be articulated that marketing in general is based on the consumer’s perception about the brand, domestic, regional and local economical factor, social and cultural manners and the methodologies applied to analyze and promote the product. The perceived quality, emotional constructs, and justification of the purchase in an advertisement can impact the customer’s decision to purchase a product/brand.



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