Free Custom «Advertising Argument» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Advertising Argument» Essay Paper

With the invention of modern technology and increase of competition among different markets across the world, many different business organizations, companies and individuals have adopted advertisement as their means of competing. All production and manufacturing companies, and wholesalers and retailers have been using advertisement so as to ensure that all people across the world if possible are aware of their products and services hitting markets. In order to attract consumers and buyers’ attention, businessmen/women and organizations usually come up with an advertisement that is aiming to hold attention of all people. They use many techniques including cheating so as to get people’s attention (Solomon, 11). Road show, internet and media are the popular means used by many different companies and business people to advertise their goods and services. However, not all advertisements attract attention of targeted people due to one reasons or the other.

Sony Ericson W880i is one of the ads that have been heating internet, television, among other sources of advertisements. In its latest advertisement of Sony Ericson W880i, Sony Ericson produced an advert with a picture of this phone pimped many different colors. It has two earpieces wireless and wired just placed beside it. The phone also has a symbol of Bluetooth on the upper face. In the background, there are well placed flowers. It is this when compared to other phones on the market within it thinness measuring 9.4mm. Price of the phone is not included on the advert may be to give room for bargaining. Behind it, a 2.5 mega pixel is shown thus showing how the camera is powerful. These are the characteristics shown in the picture used in advertisement although Sony Ericson said that the phone has got more wonderful features.

The use of many colors made this advert perfect and attractive with high ability of attracting attention from all people. This is due to the fact that people like different colors hence by using mixture of different colors; an individual is able to have a view of his/her favorite color hence being attracted. According to Fowles (44), the advertisement above was proved by Sony Ericson to be of high quality with ability to attract many different clients. However, although this advertisement seems to be appealing to everybody, it has got also its own weakness. This is due to the fact that the nature of an effective advertisement is supposed to be creating more and more continuous pressure in the image audience’s motives and desires. Advertisers have the best opportunity of arresting attention and impacting communication by offering form to individuals’ deep-lying desires and picturing states of being that people yearn for privately. And this is the immediate objective of advertising, to tug our psychological shirts sleeves and slow us down adequately for a word or two regarding whatever is being sold. Advertisers- product’s manufacturers who bring about the ambition and money to the process, and the advertising agencies who distribute the know-how are ever more forced to induce consumers’ drives and desires hence this is the continuous pressure that is aimed when advertising.

Fowles (55) asserts that market places have developed increasingly congested as more and more products have entered into the frantic competition following the public’s dollars over the past centuries. Other countries’ economies are quieter compared to others due to the fact that volume of goods hawked doesn’t exceed demand so greatly. While in some economies, consumer ware are insufficient enough in that no advertising at all is essential although this goes to extreme in the United States. An advertiser therefore ought to strive to cut through the substantial commercial by any means available including the emotional appeals that some viewers have held to be repugnant and underhanded so as to stay in the business.

While Sony is advertising this product to be sold, it didn’t include its price thus making it difficult for targeted people to know whether they can afford to buy the product or not. When advertising product or service, it usually of great significance that you include its market price so that consumers are in a good position to compare its qualities with price and also compare your product with that of your competitors- Nokia N96 for example. This will help them to come for your product if they view it to be of high quality and cheap.

According to Rieke & Sillars (67), consumers have become resolutely resistant to advertisements as time has gone by. We are staying in this snowstorm of these messages and have learned to turn up our collars and ward of most of them. The average American is bare to some 500 advertisements everyday from radio, magazines, television, billboards, newspapers, direct mail, among others. A filter ought to be created in every mind to reduce the number of advertisements an individual is actually aware of-a number this meticulous study estimate at approximately 75 advertisements per day if for no other reasons other than to preserve one’s understanding. Advertisers ought to be strategic, maybe even a little deceitful in order to be among the few messages that do manage to earn access to minds.

However, font and size of the product in advert is accurate with picture appearing exactly in both size and appearance just like the real phone. This creates impression of reality among the clients hence believing that other qualities even if exaggerated are true. This is because consumers belief that currently, ads consist more lies than truth. This fact can be therefore eliminated by doing all things possible to bring out actual properties and characteristics including picture and shape although exaggeration and some tricks can be used where applicable.

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However, placement in this ad is not appealing to clients. This is because the product being advertised (Sony Ericson W880i) is used for communication but in the advert, ringtones and music are stressed when compared to communication (Rieke & Sillars, 60). This is shown by the use of high quality earpiece including wireless earpiece, CDs and even symbols of music being shown in the advert in addition to beautiful flowers being shown behind the scene. This can bring about different meaning in that consumers might think that this is entertainment device other than communication device. In order to bring about its use and importance clearly, Sony Ericson could have used mountain and valleys other then flowers and show on picture’s screen that the phone was calling. This could have brought clear meaning and impression that the phone is applicable anywhere, on mountain, valleys or plateau, you can call or receive calls with a problem of network failure.

This advertisement aims at avoiding this shell of consciousness if possible and handle on to one of the lurching, subconscious drives. In effect, advertisers have felt their ways blindly over the years around the underside of the American psyche, and the softest points of entrée, the locations where their messages have the highest probability of getting by defenses of consumers have been discovered by trial errors. The advertising men are breaking constantly through Alice in Wonderland territory behind the looking glass, which is sub-rational impulses and appetites’ world gouging away from the surface of public sales resistance (Fowles, 70).

In general, Sony Ericson’s advertisement above ought to be improved greatly so as to ensure that it attracts all people’s attention and that it is in a good position to secure space to be listened to. They are supposed to ensure that it appeals both visual and emotional senses. Hence, while they use attractive pictures, they should also add certain meanings that shall be ringing in consumers’ minds at the first time he/she observes or listens to it. Sony Ericson also ought to look for a means through which it can incorporates all its products in one advertisement and choose appropriate venue where the ads shall be performed. By doing this, Sony Ericson’s products will be in a good position to be known across the world hence increasing its competitive ability which will result into high profit margins, which is the main objective of any given business.



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