Free Custom «A Problem that I Struggle with» Essay Paper

Free Custom «A Problem that I Struggle with» Essay Paper


An advertisement should be cultured and must have emotional relation with consumer. In addition, the bottom line in each advertisement must be consumer interest cultivation and need generation for the product. Therefore, consumer point of view is significant to address, so that each advertisement could be structured to present consumer interest and need (Belch & Belch, 2009).

Moreover, it is vital in current B2C environment where each party have quite sophisticated understating of their relationship with each other. Hence, a cultured, poignant, and competitive appearance is important for an exemplary advertisement.

Exemplary advertisement:

An exemplary and consumer oriented advertisement is here for understating. That advertisement demonstrates consumer interest as well as identifies the consumer needs. The ad has demonstrated relationship with consumer emotions and need of product.

The amusement of the persons shown in the ad is actually consumer behavior reflection. Moreover, strong affiliation with consumer has been shown effectually with the help of celebrity to put a greater influence on consumer emotions and identify the need at the same time ("Pepsi Commercial - Britney Spears featuring Bob Dole").

Aim of advertisement selection:

Pepsi-Cola is very common, very big, and one of the oldest carbonated soft drink vendor in market. Therefore, Pepsi-Cola has quite vast experience in the field of advertisement, and nowadays is one of the biggest advertisers.

Toady, an advertisement with a popular celebrity of the society is a common trend. However, Pepsi-Cola holds uniqueness in order to cultivate the interest of audience with the help of celebrities. At the same time, they express softly, and convey their message in a penetrated manner.

Therefore, and in fact, the advertisement is quite self explanatory of what an advertisement should have like cultural aspect, emotional aspect, consumer’s interest visualization, and consumer’s need generation.


At the end of treatise, particularly, the vibrant aspects of an exemplary advertisement have been revealed. Therefore, now it would not be wrong to say, that advertisement is core of business progress. Thus, a business should pay special attention to its advertisement with a minute identification of buyer behavior for generating need and to cultivate business.



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