Free Custom «Wilson Rothman» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Wilson Rothman» Essay Paper

In his article Amazon creates Kindle double standard, Wilson Rothman’s describes Amazon's new policy on Kindle owners. The policy stipulated in the article according to me is fair for Kindle owners as they will incur less cost as they can borrow extra books at no extra cost, every month with no due dates. In addition, the ownership of Amazon hardware will be more beneficial as it will allow the use of more materials as a result, it will become more competitive as individuals will look forward to owning Kindle books.

Amazon’s new strategy to copy the apple strategy in order to provide free application to users of an iPhone or iPad, is indeed, a beneficial and striking way of increasing the number of individuals who use and access their prime services. This is because access to Amazon’s e-book strategy for free will reduces the cost of $80 per year that was initially charged in order to get the prime services In addition, the initial constraint on the iPhone and iPad users to streamline videos over the computers or online device will be overcome as the application will be accessible for free

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The new Amazon’s policy to charge a lower price than the initial cost for its kindle owner’s while they access their services of borrowing books at no due dates is not a good policy as it will certainly negatively affect Amazon’s profit. This is because the customers will enjoy more services from Amazon than the amount of money they are paying to get the services. Although it could be a marketing strategy, the offering of free applications to iPhone and iPad users as considered to the $80 that they paid initially will lead to low profits in the long run.

Amazon’s policy to allow iPhone and iPad who are not Kindle owners to access free application that allows users to streamline videos and music offerings for free is a good policy. This is because it will save the users $80 that they had to pay per year in order to enjoy the services of Amazon. Indeed, Amazon has achieved its goal of consolidating its users.                                      


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