Free Custom «Where Germs Hide in Your Kitchen » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Where Germs Hide in Your Kitchen » Essay Paper

In his article Where germs hide in your kitchen (2013) Anahad O’Connor focuses on potential health threats that are concealed in the kitchen household. The author analyzes up to date studies in the sphere of microbiology that managed to examine home appliances as a source of various foodborne illnesses. Some of the potential threats appear to be underestimated together with the fact that most housewives tend to focus on kitchen appliances and places that represent minor danger. I picked this article because of its close connection to the public health issues. The author’s is a simple example of one of the ways we can improve the health care in different spheres of our lives. Let us consider the primary points of the article, discussing the causes of the potential kitchen threats and ways of managing the situation.

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Its main idea is that according to the statistics a lot of people tend to overlook more problematic areas and appliances in their desire to keep the kitchen clean. The aim of the article is to report a study that provided some rational basis for helping an average housewife to reduce the causes of different illnesses, which are entailed by food germs. Using the tatistical methods, the author of the reported study examines different areas and appliances of the ordinary kitchen for contamination. The reason for the conducted research is tightly intertwined with public health issues. According to the information provided with the article, “nearly 10 million cases of food poisoning occur in the United States every year, which is mainly caused by food people eat at their homes” (2013). The analysis of the main factors of the problem followed by the creation of awareness in this sphere will lower the number of such food poisoning cases.

After a detailed review, the author names the areas that are considered by housewives to be the dirtiest. Among mostly mentioned ones is the microwave keypad, which turns out to be nothing special in this sense. Surprisingly, refrigerator ice and water dispensers, blender gaskets, can openers and meat and vegetable compartments turned out to have the highest germ quantity (2013). The reason for aggravating the above mentioned situation lies in failing to maintain the manufacturer instructions in terms of disassembling the parts of blenders before washing them, to clean can openers before putting them into drawers, to wash the place of its storage. On par withh disassembling blenders before washing and doing it after each use people should not store clean and washed products together. What is more, yeast and mold that could be found in water and ice dispensers are potential threat for people with allergies, that is why they should also be properly examined and cleared.

Maintaining these simple rules can greatly improve the situation in public health sector in terms of foodborne illnesses. The author highlights the fact that the discussed issue is especially important for the elderly and very young people, whose immune systems might be compromised unlike healthy adults’, who can fight off such infections as salmonella, listeria and E. coli. Pregnant mothers and those with small children are also in potential danger of food poisonings caused by kitchen germs. Social awareness of the typical kitchen threats can improve the population health perspective, especially in the sphere of child infective diseases and fighting germs that are considered to be a hazard for people with allergies.

Thus, the topic, discussed by the author, should be regarded both as a warning for public health issue and an instruction for controlling the situation.


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