Free Custom «Thousand Pieces of Gold» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Thousand Pieces of Gold» Essay Paper

The story is about Lula, a Chinese girl who was sold by his father in slavery when his father got into financial woes after a winter wheat crop failure. The father awoke her, dragged her down the road at night and sold her to a marriage broker. The broker put her into a ship bound for San Francisco, California. The Chinese Cowboy who bought her is called Jim who along the way she realizes her real name is Li Po. Jim took her to a small mining of Warren in Idaho that was lawless (Kowalewski & Nystrom 1997). Lula believed in fate back in China. This paper is going to evaluate the events in her life while in America and prove that Lula was not a victim of fate but rather a master of fate who won over fate. The lady is renamed Polly Beeinis.

Although she had been sold for three times, Polly Beeinis did not give up. She demonstrated the strength of a woman ever struggling and never giving up. Every discouragement to her becomes a stepping stone and every setback an opportunity. She is able to stand her ground even when all odds are against her. The setbacks start in China where her own father sold her to a marriage broker. That did not break her. In America she is bought by Jim who along the way became a close friend only for Jim to sell her to Hong King. Jim disappeared after selling her to Hong King. To Hong King Polly Beeinis thought she would be a wife. That was not to be. Hong King takes her to his salon where he wants to force her into prostitution.

It is worth noting that prostitution was very prevalent in the Wild West in that period. It is argued that in 1860, 80% of Chinese women in San Francisco were prostitutes. The figure dropped only marginally to 72% in 1870 (Smith & Rieder 1996). Polly Beeinis however stood up to Hong King his master and violently refused to sell out her virtue. This is the first time that she had to stand her ground. She however agreed to remain a slave to Hong King. This was a great achievement because though a slave, she was able to successfully refuse to be a prostitute even when all odds were against her. The fact that she agreed to continue being Hong King’s slave shows that she did not refuse prostitution just to be different but out of principle.

With time Polly Beeinis became increasingly close to Charlie who happened to be Hong King’s saloon partner. She however did not depend on him for her provision but she worked hard realizing that for her to achieve her dream of going back to China, she would have to work for herself. With time Charlie fell in love with her. Before long, Hong King fell into his own financial problems and decided to sell Polly Beeinis to the highest bidder. Charlie was one of the bidders. Surprisingly it was Charlie who won the rights to have her in a game of poker. Lila moved with Charlie but she insisted that they wouldn’t live together but that they should keep separate quarters.

Jim, the one who sold her to Hong King, wanted to come back into her life only to realize she was with Charlie. Around this time racist sentiments increased. The whites described as ‘white demons’ began to chase people of Chinese descent from their town (Mccunn 2004).. They wanted to make the town purely white and free of Chinese whom they viewed as competitors and as benefiting more from the gold mining. In the meantime Polly, out of hard work, had accumulated enough money to enable her to go back to China. She however realized she loved Charlie whom she married and escaped with to a different area to avoid the racism from the whites.

Polly Beeinis /Lalu managed to conquer all the situations that came her way to emerge victorious. She was sold as a slave but that never killed her dream. She dreamed of freedom and finally she got it not as a favor but through her initiative and wisdom. She also had the last laugh with all the men she dwelt with. Jim left her unceremoniously after selling her to Hong King. This was a setback since they had already established a liking for each other. Though she seemed to have lost, afterwards Jim tried to come back to her only to find the opportunity is lost. Hong King mistreated her and even sexually assaulted her. In a turn of things, Hong King got into financial problem which became to Polly Beeinis /Lalu a blessing. It gave her a chance of moving out of Hong King though through a sale. She conquered Charlie with love. When Charlie bought her she insisted of them living separately and got her way. She only agreed to be married by her when she fell in love with him out of her own will.

She had managed to buy her freedom and had the choice of going back to China. Though she did not go to China, it was rather her choice but not being forced by circumstances. Polly Beeinis /Lalu won over racism, romance and emerged as a hero. She bit all odds and emerged victorious. She is a person worth emulating.



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