Free Custom «Theme of Collectivism» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Theme of Collectivism» Essay Paper

Play is basically based on the union movement’s workers as a result of depression caused by their bosses. The collectivism was widespread all over and communism was what the protestors eyed for in their series of strikes. The revival of the communism inspired other movements that had been oppressed by their authorities previously. The taxi drivers find the only solution to the poverty status was to come up with a strike to call for the attention of their bosses and hear their grievances. In a significant move to the strike, whoever missing was a military worker and colleague who was in the forefront campaigning and organizing the strike. His absence was evident by uneasy notion among the members as their dependant player was missing out. At The end, he was found killed and damped; it was a sorrowful and fearful mood that marred all over the faces of the unionist after realizing that the man was killed by his boss. Nevertheless, they continued with their struggle for their rights (Barrowman 15).

The author makes the Presence of Lefty important in accomplishing the commissioned strike but his absence didn’t mean the union was to collapse. Instead the mission was set to be completed by the members on their own with the aim of success as a reward to the deceased colleague. Waiting For Lefty play focused on the part played by Lefty and the impact the negative brought out by his absence (Barrowman 15).

Collectivism is evident as a strong feeling throughout the play where some characters offer their personal time for the good of the community but the theme was pinned down by the presence of characters displayed as selfish and is for their own individual good. Characters worked hard for good of their society nevertheless, the characters are based on different objectives and ambitions. Joe in a group of taxi drivers endures poverty but he has hope that one day things are going to work. He engaged himself in a union committee where comes out as an active member, he is among the most vibrant member in staging up a strike and also He care much for is wife. The author uses His friend Harry Fatt plays an important role in countering the work done by Joe and other members of the union committee and staging up a strike. He is associated with corruption but in is action is done silently and in hypocritical manner. He lied to the workers about whereabouts of Lefty. Edna on her part is the wife of Joe the taxi driver. Despite her character of intolerance, she worked had to make sure the union committee worked together by urging them to have sort of communism. But in contrary, she protests to her husband about their poverty status that she could move out of their marriage if the situation was not going to change (Barrowman 15).

Florence and Sid in the union committee, despite their contribution in the union, their lifetime miseries never end and Sid have decided to change is personal character and resolve in wild behavior as a consolation to his sorry situation. Florence hopes thinks work with Sid as the strike and other troubles are under way. She is constantly hopeful for the success of the planned strike. Generally the characters are committed bridging their poverty by striking even possibly using chemical weapons. Miller and Fayette find want to engage in trading chemical poison to use in the warfare but Miller doesn’t take it that easy since his brother was a victim of the situation and he died therefore he doesn’t want to find himself in the mess.

The Movie, On The Waterfront, directed by Elia Kazan

The movie is all about the trade unionism and the controversies involving the dock workers and the waterfront docks. The workers struggled to come out of poverty and resist oppression but could not get it easy from their bosses. The dramatic display involved some boxers employed by the workers union as reinforcement to gang up enough weight to air their views (Rapf 160). The director displays Corruption as vice prompted the strike among the workers that was ultimately defeated. Boxing was staged to with between an ex-boxer and a boss worker who by default was not aware of if is full potential and capabilities. He was taken to task to realize the need to join the rest of the workers in fighting for their rights. After the incidental fighting, he realizes his potential and resolves to join the rest of the workers in striking against oppression. He joins the hands with the like minded individuals that included priest and even the beautiful were not left behind. The group was seeking to mobilize the workers to come out and strike through.

The politics took centre stage; the criminal events and the history behind it. Malloy was a character that in the course of events he played an important role in fighting Anthony a betrayer among the union members; the person that exposed out the vices that were going in the group of the union workers. Anthony’s actions against the group and were a sense of betrayal but it was his conscience that drove him to act against corruption. When Anthony testified in to commission investigating the corruption going on, Malloy came out and used hi physical strength to show his anger against Anthony. Anthony had claimed a series of waterfront meetings were held over a period of a month. About his declaimer, no one supported him; they claimed it was a plot to sabotage the interest groups to in supporting the workers actions (Rapf 160).

Basically the movie display in the movie was about a group united to fight for the dock workers. The dock workers had converged to plan a strike aimed at ending the war the oppression that was faced by the dock workers; long working hours, poor and poor working condition. The group planned murder as resolution to their problems. The plot was supported by all member of the communism group as a means of fighting corruption. It was a revelation from Anthony about the murder case by DiVincento that turned around the operations of the union therefore finding hard to continue with their fight against corruption (Rapf 160). The union landed in court after the alleged cases plotted on them but the biggest surprise was the witness by their own co-unionist who testified on the meetings planned; furious Malloy who could not contain his anger came out and struck Anthony but the situation was saved by the fellow unionists.

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The movie display two phases; the struggling workers union with solidarity and the workers union under siege. The first display showed a complete collectivism among the unions who could do anything including murder in order to the dock workers from the situation they were in. in the second phase, it featured the intrigues that followed the internal wrangles within the union where some of its members testified against their own union.

In both the play and the movie, some characters came out in contrary to the spirit of the union workers who had worked to overcome the oppression they were facing. Though their presence at first is important, they find themselves in the opposing end. The selfish workers involve themselves in betraying the efforts by the unions by exposing their plans.



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