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Once upon a time, there was a lion named Mufasa. He was alpha of the jungle for eight years. Most animals in the jungle respected him for he was kind and just. His wife Sarabi just gave birth to two cubs – one female, and the other male. Among those who did not show deference, however, were three cousin lions. Their names were Scar, Shenzi and Banzai, and were all nephews of Mufasa.

One particular cool night, while everyone was asleep, the three cousins secretly met on a cliff 2 kilometres from the lions’ resting grounds. Scar, who was their leader, initiated a conversation about planning a conspiracy. “When is he going to die? He is getting old but it seems he just keeps getting stronger every day. Do you remember three months ago when Ed challenged him to a fight? Ed was younger and quicker but he defeated him. And now he has kids! How I would love to see the day when the smile on his face is no more,” Scar said. They, too, were younger and quicker than Mufasa like Ed. But witnessing the duel that took place, they were afraid to suffer the same fate. Instead they decided to poison Mufasa.

A week after that night, every animal in the jungle was surprised by horrible news. Mufasa never woke from his sleep. In a cowardly manner, Scar succeeded in his plans, and crowned himself the new alpha. It didn’t take very long for him to show his true and dark colours. He became a tyrant and ordered the offsprings of Mufasa and Sarabi to be killed. Scar, although not as strong as Mufasa, had superior physical prowess. Everyone feared him, including Shenzi and Banzai. He would kill anyone who crosses his path.

While he was strolling through the nearby woods, he saw a deer with his antlers trapped in a very thick bush. The deer asked for his help. But Scar, thinking how awfully weak the deer was, decided to kill him instead. He was not hungry, but did it only to pass the time. What he did not know was that a prairie dog saw what he did. Reports of this incident immediately spread among the different herds, which decided to set a unified meeting to form a coalition against the new alpha.

One afternoon, while Scar was doing his routine stroll in the woods, he suddenly found himself hanging from a tree, inside a rope net made of animal hair. The prairie dogs that monitored the event wallowed and hastily told the different herds of the success of their plan. Everyone celebrated and decided to leave Scar in the woods and forget about him.

Two days passed. Scar was getting weaker and weaker without food and water. Then he saw a lost sheep passing through. He begged for help. The kind-natured sheep helped Scar out of his trap. At once, Scar growled and threatened to kill the sheep. Then Zazu, the wise fox, appeared. He knew that Scar had been hungry for two days, and determined that he was hypoglycaemic, and not as cunning as he usually was. He tested this to see if he was right. “Any dispute can be resolved by a proper hearing. Now show me exactly what led to this disagreement,” Zazu said. “Alright! But you have to know that I am starving! You better hurry up with this or you’ll be in big trouble!” Scar said. Hesitantly, Scar climbed back into the trap. When he looked down, Zazu and the sheep were gone.



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