Free Custom «The Development of Dante?s Love for Beatrice» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Development of Dante?s Love for Beatrice» Essay Paper

1. The Development of Dante’s love for Beatrice in the Vita Nuova

The love of Dante for Beatrice is often described as being developed with the Stilnovo criterion. This is because the love that brewed between the two people is given a whole new essence of spiritual attachment. For example the first encounter between the two people was at such an early age as nine (9) years but even at the time, there was a basic inner instinct that suggested to Dante that he had something for Beatrice. Nine years on, this became glaringly reviewed. More confirming to the spiritual connotation of their love affair is the fact that Dante kept having unusual visions about Beatrice – even about her death and kept writing poems for her.

2. Briefly outline the symbolism of Virgil in Dante’s Comedy (from what we read so far)

From the contributions that Virgil gives to Dante’s life in the Divine Comedy, the symbolism of Virgil would best be described as rationality in the sense that he seems to give reason to everything that happens. His reasons do not pour out merely because he is wants his voice to be heard but that he actually has a divine power to determine reasons into actions and happenings for example the Dante and Virgil website (2000) explains that “he describes the geography of the place, why sinners are punished according to their sins, why we see what we do.”

3. Issues raised by Ciacco in the third circle of Inferno

The name selected for Ciacco is highly representative of what he represented in the story because he was glutton. This is said because the meaning of Ciacco’s name was hog or pig. However in the third circle of Inferno, Ciacco shifts focus from this nature of his that has been used to place him in the third inferno to speak about the seemingly increasing strife between the Whites and the Blacks. This clearly shows that Ciacco raises the issue of racism and casts a snare at the Whites, even predicting an end to the White party. Years on as the prophecy became fulfilled, it leaves nothing more than the realization that racism is indeed an act that should be eschewed at all levels of human endeavor.    



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