Free Custom «Tartuffe» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Tartuffe» Essay Paper

Tartuffe is a neoclassic comedy which is also known as the imposter. The play was written by Moliere and is seen to be one of the greatest theatrical pieces that have ever been done. The play was banned from public performance with the implication that it was hypocritically targeting the politicians at that particular time. During this time in France, the parliamentarians were busy struggling with waging war on their counterparts who were the secret society of the catholic. This paper is going to look at the neoclassical comedy and the characters that the plays have to produce the entire satire in the play. On the other hand, this paper will discuss the political events in the play and the comedy that is in the play in relation to politics. This paper will first analyze the plot of the play and then look at the comical and political events.

The play starts with the visit of Madame Parnell who is the mother of Tartuffe. She seems to be the only person in this scene with a different perspective of his son. On the other hand, the rest of the people in the room see him as a hypocrite. The other person in the play that has a different point of view on him is Orgon who is also the main character in the book. His point of view is noticed after the departure of Tartuffe’s mother. After she left, the rest of the people in the family started to discuss him and they notice that he has never looked at Tartuffe as a hypocrite.

On the other hand, Damis who is Orgons son, is worried about the well being of his sister, valete. He is not sure whether his father will consent the marriage between her and the person she loves who is Mariane. The problem is that he had different plans for his daughter. His plan was for her to get married to Tartuffe so that he would be the sole owner of his properties. The maid and the other people in the family know that he has always been a hypocrite and a schemer. Therefore, they lot on getting him on his act. Damis decides to hide in the closet so that he can get him red handed. This plan works and he has the opportunity of getting him red handed professing love to Elmire who is also the wife to Orgon. He threatens to report the matter to Orgon.

Orgon was informed of the thing that happened, he he refuted the claims pointing out that Damis was not speaking sense, and he had other things in mind. Later Orgon and Tartuffe are left alone in the house they talk of the future of him being the son-in law and also the sole inheritor of his properties. Cleante, decided to hit him had wanted orgon to know the person he really was. But Cleante was unable to do this since he only dodged the questions. In addition, the moment he found a chance to escape, he took and went away as soon as possible later Elmire was able to convince his husband that there are things that are going on in the house, she told him of how Tartuffe was always taking chances behind his back. He decided to find out for himself and hid himself in the closet. This time, Tartuffe continued with his mischief and Orgon was able to get him red handed professing love to his wife. He got out of the closet and Tartuffe was banned out of his house. Later, the court officers accompanied by Tartuffe visited Orgon. Orgon was afraid that Tartuffe would expose him on the things they had done together since there were some secrets that he knew that nobody knew about. The judge on hearing the two sides of the story, judged against Tartuffe nad in favor of orgon because he had known some of the things that Tartuffe was capable of. The officers were ordered to arrest him and the play ended.

The story has got a lot of political impressions. The first impression that the play shows is that, the politicians are not to be trusted. This is shown when Orgon had trusted Tartuffe and he turned out to be the one who was stubbing him in the back. The other scenario that shows a political impression is when Orgon has other agendas behind the back of his mined concerning his daughter. His view was that his daughter was to be married to Tartuffe and then he would inherit his properties. It is only politicians who will always want their friends to be part of their families no matter what the consequence is. This shows the political merging that always take part in the political setting. The other thing that the play portrays is how people can do whatever it takes so that one is not ahead of them if he is not wanted and trusted. This is clearly proven by the fact that, the people in the family knew about the criminal activities of Tartuffe and that is the reason why they never wanted him to be close to the family.  Therefore, one can conclude that the plays portrays politics to be full of betrayal to the people incur from their friends.

The book also portrays comedy or comic relief. The book portrays comedy as being a tool to release tension in a scenario. The book used comedy during the scenario that Orgon catches Tartuffe with his wife. This is something that is never seen in a romantic comedy. Therefore if one realizes and understand the comic relief behind Orgon as a comedian then he will be in a position to understand the whole political comedy concept in the book. On the other hand, the panels family does not like Orgon and that is why they scheme to finish him but with the help of his family, Tartuffe is unable to win the trust that he wanted. This scenario made Orgon see them as fraud and con men. The writer uses the commedia dell’arte to provide what is seen as another comical source. Through this the comical relief is portrayed by the maid who is seen to have a lot of one  of the perpetrators of law in the house. She is very insightful in the house and has a lot of opinion from the people in the house.

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Another comical relief is portrayed in the relationship between Maraine and Valere. The two lovers are having the believe that they are going to get married while on the other hand the bride’s father has got other plans. This is because he wants his daughter to get married to his friend with the intention of being the sole inheritor of his properties. This shows that comedy can be used to portray the unexpected event. Another is the scenario when Tartuffe was caught by his friend professing love to his wife. He never expected that he would be caught but he thought that he was doing what he normally does. Moreover he also never realize that he would have been the one to be arrested after bringing the officers to Orgon’s house. This portrays a comical relief. The writer used a comical relief where many people would have placed a dilemma but the audience is made  to laugh at the outcome. In addition the writer uses comedy as a tool of resolving issues.


The play Tartuffe, portrays the lead character of the play to be full of lust and deceit. He is promiscuous and optimistic and will not let any chance pass for him to get whatever he is looking for. On the other hand, the play being a neo classic comedy, it merges politics and comedy to pass its message across. This is because it puts  a political scenario to be comical. This is very different from the other love comedies. The play also has a political influence since it shows how the politicians behave. Through looking at the history of the play, it is realized that this is the reason why the play was banned because it made the politicians to be laughed at publicly.



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