Free Custom «Slogans» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Slogans» Essay Paper

Slogans have been used as a tool of communication through time. They have an effect on collective behavior of people. A slogan is a voice against an issue that requires immediate social action (Zhu and Xie 219). Recently, two USC graduate students both from republic of China were shot to death. This explains a reason to have in place slogans for gun control, the purpose of slogans is to awaken people and enable communications amongst themselves. During the wars in Scotland and Ireland saw the use of strong words amongst soldiers to gather their fighters and these wordings instituted slogans. Slogans carry a sort of information regardless their structures, the message they put across is inform of a policy. Thus in order for a group within a society to sustain and establish a healthy relationship, they have to make use of slogans. Slogans are successful because of their structures. To have an effect, slogans have to be short, without descriptive information.

Theme slogan; Gun don’t kill People, People kill People

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Developed countries and third world countries have one commonality, the technology advancement and the large population, global industrialization and urbanization is a reality. Gun control is one of the most controversial issues; this belief is covered in this slogan, first guns should not be approved in any civilized society, and laws should be put in place and strictly regulated. This slogan advance guns do not kill people, people kill people; for example, two USC graduate students both from republic of China were shot to death (Zhu and Xie 219). Criminality therefore is blamed for the rise in crime, which turns out to be violent. The larger society should understand that weapons are not to be controlled and they do not lead to death, it is the wrong hands they are in. Criminals however are solely to blame if they use the weapon violently against any person. Thus, many fatalities occur where guns are used. Majority of households in America for example have licensed guns, this is a belief that criminality will go down. However, the realism is; the more guns are at their disposal, the more the chance victims will die from a gun. The government of America has put in place laws for gun control; this is to make the public feel safer by banning some rifles. However, right wing activists did not welcome the idea because the burned guns were not modern and were not preferred by most criminals. Before an individual purchases a gun the law allows a five days stay, this allows the regulators to check the suitability of the person, socially and psychologically, why? The individual is of great importance. This empowers the slogan that individuals count more in the determination of who holds a firearm other than general slogans of legalizing the whole issue to arm all individuals and blame social decadency for the unexpected negative use of guns (Urdang and Robbins 14).

Having deduced the failure of legal mechanisms, other ways should be explored that deal with gun related offences. The constitution is the driving factor in this slogan; it gives people a right to own a firearm in some countries e.g. United States of America. So the question is how can this slogan reduce fatality to victims of gun violence? The slogan despite the law depicts, guns are dangerous weapons more than other weapons empirically. They should be hard to acquire and expensive to buy. Statistics in America show homicide are high with gun owners and those with clean records; a fact that instigate actual commission of a crime. It is thus hard to distinguish law-abiding citizens from criminals. Control however is of value to all gun handlers rather than selected few, as some crimes e.g. crime of passion are committed by circumstances. A single sentenced slogan bringing a completely new perspective on gun control ideology preempting what the society should internalize.


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