Free Custom «Short Stories» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Short Stories» Essay Paper


Different characters feel guilty of their actions of revenge in the short stories; “The Casket of Amontillado”, “Fleur” and “Killings”, For instance in the first short story, the narrator feels guilty f revenging against the Fortunato. He says that Fortunato was a respected man and feared. He further says that he was genuine in the issue of ancient wines (Poe 15). He tells Fortunato that he got his doubts on his actions and he was not careful when he paid total Amontillado before informing him. He further says that his punishment should be based on impunity. He feels that he has not made himself feel like he has been wronged.

The narrator is also guilty in that he feels different when Fortunato meets him one evening of the carnival crazy season. Fortunato’s appearance that day makes the narrator regret his earlier action of wringing Fortunato’s hand (Poe 19).  The way Fortunato treated him warmly made him even guiltier. He therefore feels that Fortunato questions his concern.

About the payment he made to Amontillado, the narrator regrets that he should have discussed his friend Fortunato first.  He therefore claims that the latter had not been around since the problem could have been avoided. The narrator also feels for his friend’s condition. Fortunato seems to be coughing a lot (Poe 24). The narrator’s concern is seen when he asks him about the condition. That is why he suggests that they go back since he values Fortunato’s health.

Moreover, the narrator regets his actions in that he decides to search for Amatillado. Though Fortunato is not well, they bought agree to move on. He also gives him support throughout the journey (Poe 30). For example, he gives him a drink and holds his hand as they move forward. He is also concerned with his health that at some point he regrets having decided to search for Amatillado. He later feels ad about Fortunato’s death when everything had been done. He is not happy that he had achieved his goal.

In the short story, “Fleur”, the narrator is guilty of her actions that she cannot help Fleur when she is in problem; when men are raping. She does this because she is jealous of her good looks and the fact that men are always running after. Pauline has varied opinions about Fleur. At some point, she admires her but she hates and fears her at some instances. During the storm, she is flanged away by strong wind; probably one of Fleur’s magic to punish her for not offering her help when she was in trouble (Louise 60).

Fleur on the other is a powerful character who is feared by the people. Her revenge actions are so scaring that people fear her. For example, when she is raped, she causes a storm that destroys people’s lives and property; the meat and the missing men. When Fleur later realizes that he community fears her powers and magic, she feels guilty and decides to live in another community, where she gets an employment and joins another male card game. She later realizes that she capable of playing cards and therefore decides to play it constantly.

Other characters in the story that are guilty of their revenge actions are Dutch James. He dies in a meat locker after raping the Fleur. He had earlier on forced Pauline out of school so that she could manage the mother’s butcher shop. That could be one of the reasons that Pauline locks him and other two of his friends in the meat locker, where they are frozen to death (Louise 65).

On the other hand, Frietzie Kozka refuses to allow the people to access the meat locker in their search for the men. This is because she wants to protect the reputation of her business. She thinks that if people realize that men are frozen in the meat locker, they would stop buying her meat for fear of contamination. Then, George Many Women is also a victim of Fleur’s magic. E decides to o against her warning that she should not be touched or approached. When he bends over her as she bathes at he shore, he is cursed to die on her behalf. He then refuses to go out and hence drowns later inn a bathtub (Louise 68).

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In the short story; “Killings”, Matt Fowler’s son is killed by his ex-girlfriend’s husband. Matt then plans a revenge mission on his enemy. He is compelled to kill his son’s killer; Richard Strout. Matt is bitter of his sons death just like any other human being. Therefore, he is determined to end Richard Strout’s life. He sees no reason why he should live while his son (Frank) is death. He wants him to feel the same pain that Frank felt (Nagel 383).

Richard Strout is probably revenging on Frank because of his actions as his wife’s ex-boy friend. That is why he sets on violently killing Frank. This action gives him satisfaction since he is sure that his enemy is no more. Just like other human beings, Richard and Fowler are determined to revenge by killing their rivals so as to have peace. They think that that is a way of ensuring that justice prevails at the end of the day (Nagel 386).

Both characters I the short story are motivated by their inability to accept the reality of the situation. They also feel a sense of loss of their beloved ones. Matt finds it hard to believe that the son has been killed by Richard. He feels at a loss hence decides avenge his son’s death with another death. Richard Strout on the other hand feels bad about the knowledge that Frank is the wife’s ex-boyfriend.  He therefore decides to kill him out of existence (Nagel 390).


Human beings are compelled by bitterness, sense of loss and lack of acceptance of reality to committing murderous activities as a way of revenging. These activities not always bring satisfaction but a lot of guilt. That is why characters above are guilty of their actions.



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