Free Custom «Poetry of Modernism» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Poetry of Modernism» Essay Paper

In the “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, there was the tension between the desire to make it new and a deep attachment to the past. This is a poem about a road to life on where the narrator arrived at a point in which he had to make a choice between two choices which were appealing and take on the better one. In the making of his choice, the future prevented him from being able to predict and tell where the roads led to.

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The narrator was able to pick up a choice of a road which he claimed to be less worn because it was grassy. This showed that the other road is where everyone travelled in and the speaker in this case chose to follow his own path away from the path that the crowds followed which showed that he had the desire to make new. It was very evident that there was a deep attachment to the past because after sometime, the speaker concluded that both the roads were equally worn. The speaker was still committed to his earlier decision on taking the road that he had chosen as he was very clear when he stated that he would save the other road which he did not choose for another day knowing clearly that he might never get the chance to take the other road.

The speaker in the first three stanzas of the poem showed a sense of remorse for his decision because he did not think that his decision would have been an important aspect of his life because as an old man, the speaker attempted to give a sense of order to all the things that happened to him. The speaker still clung to the decision that he made which defined his life because he had to make a choice between two choices which were very tough since he did not know what each road held in the future.


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