Free Custom «Poems» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Poems» Essay Paper

. The metaphors are revolving around might and strength. The speaker uses hyperbole though in describing his supremacy. He says he is a cow in a calf meaning he is big and powerful, a riddle in nine syllables. He means he cannot be downplayed due to his robust nature.

2. The speaker simply means she is complicated just like a riddle is. Her nature perplexes many. People fail to understand he undertakings. She engages in complicated projects and undertakings that only the brave can thus she amazes people in the way she does her things. A riddle in nine syllables means she is brief yet as complicated as a riddle. She is informing the reader that she is simple in nature yet difficult to understand. She might also be informing readers that only a few people understand the way she lives inclusive of her mode and technique of survival.

3. The omission does not affect the comparison whatsoever. The speaker by using the simile wants us to understand the kind of unity in question. That they were like deer that walk in one file. It means they were together and used to perform different tasks in consultation. It also helps we understand the kind of caution the people in the poem exercise in their undertakings, and that they will firmly stand. An unshakable group of people. The inclusion of the statement only helps us understand the persona in question. Its children probably talking to their father or a guardian.

4. In whose limb there is latent flight. Latent means hidden or potential but not yet converted to visible form. The deer stand with caution as they watch over the distance just in case of possible danger. In case of anything suspicious, they can run very fast for their lives to take shelter.

There are various figures of style used in these poems.

The secret sits by Robert Frost

            Personification: The secret sits in the middle and knows. The noun secret in this poem is given the ability to sit and know .These is characters associated with living creatures and more particularly, humans. It is not possible for anything inanimate to have the ability of knowledge.

Contrast is also evident. The speaker says they dance round in a ring and think for about the solution. This sharply contrasts the location of the secret. It is right in the middle of the ring. He achieves the effect of showing the difference in opinion and knowledge and reality. In this case the speaker thinks they know where to find the secret yet it is way out of his presence.

Coward by A.R. Ammons

            Bravery runs in my family- There is personification in this statement. Bravery has been personified as having the ability to run in the family. This is a character associated with living creatures and by using personification here, the speaker achieve the effect of emphasis. He wants to inform his audience that his family members are brave as opposes to being cowards.

The Demolition by Anne Stevenson

            There is consonance in the poem. He camps in ruins of her carpet. There is repetition of initial c consonants. This gives musicality/rhythm to the poem and makes it interesting to read and recite.

Irony is also used in the poem. The man in the poem is rich as shown by the metaphorical stairs. We however see him going to camp at the lady’s house which is in ruins. This is ironical because the rich man seems to be stooping too low. We expect the financially challenged young lady to be helping in the repair yet she far away; concentrating on crying at the man’s house. The irony helps the reader to understand what the poem is about.

There is also use of metaphors. The word stairs is metaphorical to signify a magnificent building and posh life. Luxurious so to speak. The lady’s patched floor and tearing roof is a metaphorical of poverty and lowly life. Use of metaphors creates more vivid pictures of the exact scenario. The setting is more understood by the audience.



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