Free Custom «Phillis Wheatley » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Phillis Wheatley » Essay Paper

These poems of Phillis Wheatley were published between the years (1753 to1784) and are read and studied by students or scholars in various disciplines. This poem focuses on a number of things in the field of literature and this makes it one of the best poem books that are ideal for student studies. Phillis was an African –American and this publication made her the first African- American to write a poetry book. There are many themes the poem talks more about but there is one that outweighs all those others due to the weight it has in the author’s life.

This theme is focused and based on the flashback of the author’s life as compared to today’s life. The main thesis of the book is base on being bought from Africa to America. This thesis tries to dig out the author’s attitude toward hers status of being an African- American. The poem based on this thesis brings out the feeling of the author and how she accepted her fate toward the issue of slavery. According to the author, slavery was immoral and god was against it. It also tells us on how the author feels and thinks in relation to slavery imposed on her race. The authors here still have hopes that god will one day rescue her race from such activity.

In the line one of this poem, Wheatley talks about her own life based on her movement form Africa to America, the author of whom is Wheatley, thanks her god for having transforming her life hence entering into salvation. She still wonders whether people recognize or know god because she still wonders on how she came into salvation. This is so because she thinks that she is the only one who might have known God and all the good things about him. In the line two of the poem, depicts some of the author’s experiences when she was captured ferociously driven out of the West African shows in a slave bought. The author is said to have clanged on the kindness of God for her deliverance from the heathen land. Wheatley is said to have been stiil young as she was only seven of eight years of age.

This line of the poem says she was captured naked and was nearly dead by the time they reached Boston which was their destination. Wheatley gives out her opinion in relation to the two counties of which are Africa and America. As per her perception, she then seemed to have understood the view of her captures as she considered Africa to be full of paganism and ignorant. She felt it was a good thing leaving Africa though in the poem she felt abducted by her parent’s sorrows. The author did not mention any of her experiences in Africa though she was enslaved in Boston. The main drive of this poem is to alert the readers that despite being a slave, she was set free spiritually. This brings an impression that in Africa she was free physically but in America, she is free spiritually. As per opinion in this case, she prefers being set free spiritually to that of the physical.

In the line three of this poem, the author tries to explain what it means to come into light. She gives the meaning as knowing God and savior. One of the characters mentioned in this poem whose name is William Robinson, narrates a story that makes the author to remember some of her African mother as she always poured water out during sunrise as a symbol of ritual. It further gives a story on hoe Susana Wheatley who was her mistress, of whom became a second mother to her that lead to the adoption of her religion. She was always praised by Susana for being both an intelligent and spiritually filled. This made Susana to regard her as a real being with understanding in life. In the line of one this poem, paganism is spelt out and Wheatley is said to have believe in a miracle as she gives herself as an example trying to bring out the fact that even the pagans can be transformed and become strong Christians of enter into a good religion (Weatley, 2010). She further gives out what it needs to be saves as she says that being saved is not based on any doctrine or profession. She is aimed at making her readers have a positive attitude towards Christianity.

The writer of this poem was aimed at so many things that are pegged on human life. For the writer to have been successful in the achievement of all her set objectives and plans, she must have used ideal tools that could help in making her poem sensible. The tools used in this poem give a clear indication on how the writer wanted her poem to be. The author has used stress on which she tresses on the matter of Christianity. The writer has also used repetition on which she used repetition as one of the tools that could help in giving understanding to her readers. This is seen in almost all the lines of her poem when she talks more on the issue of Christianity.

The author of this poem had set objectives that according to her; she saw no hindrance to the achievement of these set objectives. She was dedicated in her work as an author and this dedication attracted the interest of many hence making her to get boost from other people. This book earned the author some bit of fame as she wrote it with general motive to teach other of what it means to be a true Christian and how one can transform from one religion to the other.



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