Free Custom «Oscar Wilde» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Oscar Wilde» Essay Paper

Oscar Wilde is one of the pioneers during the Victorian period. During this period, two movements are seen to be literary. The first period is the Pre-Raphaelites that was in 1848 to 1860. After this the second period followed in the name of Aestheticism and Decadence that took place in 1880 to 1900. This paper is going to look at the two periods and how it is related to Oscar Wilde. This is going to dwindle around the aestheticism and the decadence period.

The first period saw the formation of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood with the aim of having truthfulness religious devotion and simplicity. These factors contradicted with the previous period that was that was dominated by the Italian Renaissance. The aestheticism and the decadence is a type of literature that has been adopted from the French work of art it is seen to have been having the same name. The author of the movement believed in things that were experimental rather than the natural morality. This type of literal art opposed the beliefs from the scientist point of view and promoted a lot of practical work.

This form of literature is from the nineteenth century but on the other hand there are some few different elements that surround the decadent and the aesthetic literature. Not all the aesthetic literature can be referred to as decadent’s literature and vice versa. Wilde on the other hand is one of the propagators of the aesthetics. He was very much devoted to art and literature of the hedonism. Moreover, the wilder had written an epigrammatic essay, which provided the rationalization that is coherent, and aestheticism. Especially in his essay, “the decay of lying” that was written in the year 1888, it is proven how he perceives art in his point of view. He quotes,

“All art is entirely useless" and "Nothing that actually occurs is of the smallest importance." By Wilde 1888. Through these quotes, one has to realize that Wilde was asserting that there is isolation that is always given to art. This is put in paper that through art, there is a lot of paradox and this can only be witnessed through practical.

According to Wilde, this is an era that is characterized by shaping of the art but on the other hand, it is asserted that it is vice versa that claims that it is a given age that shapes art. In addition, it through the works of wider that he claims that this era proves that literature or art is an idea that is that has been polished to come up with a comic paradox that in the end of the day comes up through the works of the play writes. Moreover, he claims,

He also proclaims that it is during this era that the people started putting things into their writing, which talked of the unusual events. These events include homosexuality that is known as unnatural vice. The debate about homosexuality was seen to be invented by the sexology that was associated with the medical. According to Wilde, sexuality and homosexuality is one of the sensitivity to the beautiful.

Finally, many things show indecency to the work of art that was more dominated by Oscar Wilde. These include works of art that talks more on sexuality. Most of his work has been seen to be offensive to the art fraternity according to some critics. There are some people who talk of his work to be an affectionate satire, which will in turn corrupt the young minds of the upcoming writers.



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