Free Custom «Old Man and The Sea» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Old Man and The Sea» Essay Paper

The Old Man and The Sea novel is one of the best novels written by an American writer. The story is basically all about a fisherman in Cuba who was marred with lots of misfortune. Santiago the fisherman used to risk his life by going to the sea alone to get fish. While in the sea, he encountered a Merlin, he fought hard for three days with Merlin which 18 feet in length. The after the third day, he managed to overcome the Merlin. The question was then to carry it as it was a giant and could not get into the boat. While in the process of weighing the best means of transport, he resolved to tie the Merlin to the boat unfortunately the shark ate whole the Merlin leaving out skeletons only. The book is focused on the live in the sea with Santiago being the main character and a young boy. The young buy was advised by his parents to avoid the company of the old man because the old hard lost luck and that he was wasting time while trying to fish with him. Santiago displays his mighty and sharpness with strange eyes and the teeth (Rao, 2007).

Santiago is featured as the main character in the story. He his role is featured to be in the sea fighting with sharks and Merlin. He is also depicted taking step in fighting himself and his mind. He live is not an easy as he take his time chasing after nothing in the sea where he emerged with nothing finally. The young boy Manolin takes his time with Santiago though he was restricted by his parents. Santiago lost his wife and his poverty is beyond control, he fishes to cater for his food and other basics but ironically, he gets nothing out of many types of bait that he traps. The result is that the young boy is the one taking care of his food. While in his dreams, Africa came into his mind a scenario that was not common in his dreams as he used to dream on his death. The encounter was unique it was at the beach where the lions hard assembled and beneath was a young boy (Rao, 2007).

The adventure between the boy and old man hit eighty five day without catch. The life of Santiago was beyond his means and the young boy was his only savior. As they were trying their luck as usual with off course low expectation keeping in mind what transpired in the last eighty five days, they saw some bird fly in the air. It was usual that the birds could identify where fish especially flying fish were. He quickly headed to the place and fortunately he fell some bite on the fishing line. He row his boat toward a shallow ending where but he hard to deal with the birds could consume all the fish in the catch. He felled offended by the absence of the young boy nevertheless, he surrendered the bait because he felt it could take long time but he vowed to be with Merlin till he died. He says religion was not part of him but he understood from the perspective his grandparents (Rao, 2007).

Basically Santiago practically stayed with the fish for a period of three days while was eating tuna as food. The attack by the shark was nothing but a disappointment that ended his three day encounter. Santiago left the beach for home where he suffered several fall downs before arriving home. It was the young boy that rescue Santiago from anger; the boy promised Santiago a ride with him again straight to the beach where he slept again and dreamed about lions (Bruccoli, 1986).

Generally Santiago faces sympathizing situations all through the novel. His age and luck messed up with his life completely, he is also engaged in several fight with the nature. His competition is against animals such as shark Merlin and the hawks; he rarely interacted with the human beings because of his daily activities in the deep sea.

In his hand, the writer shares his personal real life experience. In an interview he expressed that age was not a factor in the capability of a mind in solving various problems experienced in personal lives. It was a contradiction of what he had told in his story. In several occasions, he mentioned age of Santiago being a reason for his misfortunes in life but in his life, stated that he himself was being featured in many occasions in many cases. He claimed that luck was part of his endeavor but nevertheless he pointed out that it’s was a matter of bad or good luck. Santiago was unlucky with most of his hard work going in vain (Bruccoli, 1986).

The writer explains the reasons why he chose some of the character as being imaginative. He explains how life was being by hard decisions, in his encounter through setting a new book, he faced several challenges that included lack of interest in writing the book but fortunately, he overcame by reading the books that was later inspiration. He believed in conscience and about the political implications of writing, he was very critical about politic therefore he wasn’t concerned with it. Though the writer wrote about a poor man who was for instance a man full of intrigues and surrounded by poverty, his life though was different from others. He wore several awards in writing during his inauguration of the novel (Bruccoli, 1986). He wore several awards later with The Old Man and The Sea novel being arguably novel written by an American. Compared to the main character, he is totally different in his actions for instance he does interact with people through public and also the novels. The main character is a totally different because the person is associated with sea life with probable little of interaction with people (Bruccoli, 1986).

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The writer was concerned about the life of people whom he was familiar with but was not being featured but was little known. He explained the life of neither the person who was neither known nor their activities known. He cited some tourists who saw the carcass of the Marlin but didn’t what it was. They hard to be explained to using the shark though there was a significant difference between the shark and the Marlin; Shark had a tail while Marlin didn’t have. Basically the writer is very much aware of the activities that the main character is doing but he could not be involved in any activity of such kind since during most of the lifetime, he committed himself to writing novels and articles (Bruccoli, 1986). He depicted almost the opposite of his real character. While success with honors was on his life, Santiago was facing lifetime treat as his main source of living was under siege after he failed to capture any fish for eighty five days. His problem were just but series of problems compounded together to form a complex circulation of poverty. The writer was quite elegant in his presentations and was praised by most reviewers but it didn’t miss criticism.



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