Free Custom «Oedipus the King» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Oedipus the King» Essay Paper


In the drama, what make up the fairy tale of Oedipus takes place before the beginning scene of the climatic play. Oedipus the king is one of the Sophocles of the Theban; it was first acted in 429 BC century. The daughters of Oedipus, Antigone and Ismene talk about the tragedy that has just faced them. Polynices and Eteocles; their brothers have just murdered one another in the battle over control of Thebes. Creon the city ruler denies the sister a permission to give Polynices a proper burial for bringing foreign army against Thebes. Plague befall Thebes, Oedipus who is the king has to face citizens who gather at the palace seeking answers of the way forward. This essay dwells on the character traits of the Oedipus as a puppet of fate (Bunner 42).

Puppet of fate

At the beginning of the play, the citizen pleads with Oedipus to do something concerning the affliction. Since he is a ruler with quick action and big foresight, he had anticipated this move and sent Creon, the brother to prophesy of Delphi to seek advice. The plague incidence brings about his character of being swift in action, which later we see has dangerous effects. The tale of murdering the band of travelers for daring to push him off the three-path crossroads; shows his capability of making rash decision (SparkNotes).

Oedipus save Thebes from the Sphinx’s curse and become a king within no time. He reason well and have self-confidence in his capability that is why he shout his name with pride as if the name was the healing charm. However, at the end the tragedy, the name becomes more of a curse than charm; the leader of chorus in Oedipus at Colonus is so afraid to hear it and cries.

Oedipus’s self- confidence and rashness in making decision continue to exhibit to the very end of the play. He question Creon and ask for Tiresias, he threaten to expel Creon and Tiresias. He goes ahead and call for the servant who fled the attack on Laius, the shepherd who helps him come to Corinth, hurriedly goes into the palace and “plug out his eyes”, and he then command to be banished. He is ever in movement apparently to stay at par with his fate, which is out of reach for him. He realizes that his life was out of his control in Oedipus at Colonus and spends his time resting rather than acting. Creon takes his children and “helplessly and blindly relies on Theseus for assistance”.

The rashness of Oedipus in decision is also evident when he curses and insults Tiresias, the blind prophet and accuses him of murder. This lead to Tiresias revealing that, Oedipus was the murderer. He denies the accusation and in turn accuses Creon and Tiresias for conspiracy. He charges Tiresias with madness and intimidates Creon with exile or death for ganging up against him with the prophet.

Once he relents on his confidence and bravery character and gives his trust to Theseus, he start to get peace. He finds home after numerous years of exile at Colonus after forging a bond with somebody. At Colonus, he intentionally moves out of stage to die peacefully. At the end, a messenger with a narration of mysterious death of Oedipus enters the stage.


He is taken as a puppet of fate because most of his character is shown due to occurrence of fates. This is clearly depicted when servant says, “the moment has come to tell the fearful secret.” Most of the tragedies that happen in the Oedipus the king, give different traits of the main character, Oedipus. He is considered to have been a puppet of fate because he constantly tried to control and keep up with his destiny, which at the end elude him.



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