Free Custom «My Mistress Eyes are Nothing Like the Sun» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My Mistress Eyes are Nothing Like the Sun» Essay Paper

“My Mistress’ Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun” is a poem by William Shakespeare. From this sonnet, we should see that there is a message and theme being discussed and presented to the reader. In the poem, the author compares the eyes of his mistress with the sun. With the argument, the poet describes clearly that the eyes of the women are totally different from the sun. Although the sun can be very glowing, glittering and beautiful, it still presents very little in common with the mistress’ eyes. Although the eyes may be very beautiful, they however do not compare with the sun. As well, the other parts of nature have also been described to be quite different from the parts of the mistress (Shakespeare 32). For instance, the coral appear to have different shades of red as with the lips of the mistress. However, there are no roses that are present in the cheeks of the mistress. This kind of expression differs from the words used by some whereby they claim that their women tend to have the light of the natural sun in their own eyes, rosy cheeks, or coral lips.

Looking at the representation, William Shakespeare expresses succinctly that, though a number of men make a lot of comparisons between natural beauty and the woman, they fact of the matter is that they are never accurate. At least not the case when he compares the same with his mistress. When the poet speaks of perfume, he goes ahead to note that her breath tends to reek at some times. The fact of the matter is that perfumes tend to have sweeter and better fragrances in comparison with that of a woman.

What is happening in the sonnet “My Mistress' Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun” is that the poet tries to express the reality that the breath of any individual can never be perfect and one is not spectacular in comparison with what is offered by nature’s beauty. After a very short time, some of the attractive forces or qualities that tend to bring individuals together tend to wane thus causing separation. For instance, physical attraction is not always constant neither stable. That being the case, a couple will be required to stick to reality and examine things from the most ordinate perspective if they have to remain together, embrace each other, and eventually achieve the very best in their lives.

Although this poem, to the reader, might appear very discouraging and even negative, the fact of the matter is that it has a lot of truth and passivity towards its end. We observe clearly that the author clarifies that, although the fact or reality can be very different from what human dreams, desires, and imaginations are, all forms of relationships tend to have their ups and downs, and therefore every person is expected to act accordingly (Shakespeare 34). One outstanding thing here is that the poet knows how much love he has for his woman, but yet the reality does not leave room for false comparisons. They is no need to make any false comparisons about her woman so that she can know how much he is deeply in love with her. Some men have always uttered false words to their lovers but the fact of the matter is that one does not need to do that even if the love is very great.

Therefore, in William Shakespeare’s “My Mistress' Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun”, he goes ahead to explain that he will not engage in making false comparisons about her own mistress. The two have been together for quite a long time and therefore he knows her extremely well (Shakespeare 33). Though her woman’s eyes may not be like the sun, it is also true that his love for her is very unrivaled, real and long-lasting. If such love is to exist, the only way out is to be there for each other and engage the use of actions as the only way out towards true and long-lasting love.

From this sonnet by Shakespeare, we note that the subject of love is analyzed and explained in great detail. However, while trying to show the real love to a woman there is the need to stick to the truth without having to delve on things which are unrealistic or form lies. For instance, Shakespeare believes that a woman should not be lied to by telling her eyes shine bright as the sun, or her cheeks are filled with roses. True love can only be expressed using actions and not words. This will increase the level of commitment and make every person dedicated to one another. True love, according to the sonnet, entails loving one another by taking consideration of all imperfections. Every person in not perfect and therefore we should never lie in order to make love exist. The poet explains how much he loves his woman despite the weaknesses possessed (Julius 44). He goes ahead to talk about the eyes of her mistress being not as bright as the sun, her lips being not as red as coral, or her cheeks being not rosy but pale. Despite all these things, he is still in great love with her and the reason he considers such kind of love very special and rare to. As well, the poet loves music than her mistress’ voice, but yet he loves her unconditionally.

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Comparison with Billy Joel’s song “Just The Way You Are”

The song “Just The Way You Are” is a classic tune written and performed by Billy Joel. This song happens to have lots of relationships to William Shakespeare’s poem “My Mistress' Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun.” In this song, the author explains to his mistress how she does not need to go and start changing so that she can please him. For very many years they have been together and everything has remained very fine and comfortable for them (Philip 57). There is no need for one to be familiar, after all love is the only thing to unite them. As time goes, people begin to think that their love has become ordinary and may be boring. Although that is the case, the most important thing is to understand each other and address all the problems faced together without having to fake their personalities in order to deceive the other. All issues should be discussed the way they occur in order to achieve a long-lasting life filled with true love and commitment (Just The Way You Are). A number of similarities also occur in these two materials such as the subject, symbolism, and the use of motifs.

From these two literary materials, there is the use of beauty to be symbolic of love. Most of the elements presented such as color and hair show imperfections in a person, and therefore one should look beyond them if true love is to exist. The use of motifs is also common in these two works. For instance, beauty and color of hair are used to show how different elements in a person relate towards embracing love for one another (Theobald 65). Symbolism in both the song and poem has been widely used. The poet uses color of the cheeks, light of the eyes and the color of the lips to represent some of the imperfections and mistakes a person can do while in love. When that happens, the most important thing is to make sure everything is addressed accordingly so that the love affair can remain and last forever.

On the other hand, the song explains how one should be ready to love each other forever without any regrets. One should stick to the other by not looking at their negative areas, but by remaining true to each other and ready to address any kind of problem faced. The symbolism used in the song includes the nature of conversation and hard work to show some of the issues which should not result in painful experiences whenever in a relationship (Shakespeare 63). One should not be forced to change the color of the hair or try new fashions. This is symbolic of the nature of a person. One should never be forced to fake her personality so that the love affair can last. Basically, the song by Billy Joel “Just The Way You Are” and William Shakespeare’s “My Mistress' Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun” present similar subjects therefore helping the people in relationships to relate well and live together by coping with each other’s weaknesses and strengths. This is the only trick towards a true and long-lasting life.



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