Free Custom «Maids and Servants in the Dream of the Red Chamber» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Maids and Servants in the Dream of the Red Chamber» Essay Paper

“Maids and Servants in the Dream of the Red Chamber” written by Marsha Wagner and is a novel that is believed to be a semi-autographical, mirroring, the fortune of Cao Xuequn’s own family. This novel was also anticipated to be a commemorative to the women Cao known in his youth: relatives, friends, and servants. I can refer to this novel as a great fiction in Qing Dynasty written by Cao XueQin. The spent much of his time writing this so as to come up with one of the greatest masterpiece of Chinese fiction. It also names the Story of the Stone which evolves around the king’s history of four big families’ background. This is a story that everyone would love to read and read again since it explores on our daily lives in connection to women, servants, and men as well. Importance of maids & servants that Marsha was trying to explain is that they brought out the picture of both women and generally people in the Qing Dynasty.  

Even though it is not easy to determine the theme of this novel, but it is clear that reading the novel one comes to know about the sentiments of Daoist-Buddhist enlightenment, social observation, decay of aristocratic family, and the attack of Machu rule. The novel also depicts some sense of love and we see some of its characters such as Daiyu and Baochai engaging in a triangular love and switching to the divine world of dreams (Marsha & David, 1996). The story is lovable since it is full of symbolism and the writer effectively uses this narrative technique to make the novel more interesting and convincing. This is also as a result of its encyclopedic character. The author not only uses symbolism but he also employs suspense such that the reader is left asking the question of what follows next. In the novel we also realize that the author introduces people randomly and this as well is an interesting of Cao Xueqin. The story is great because it shows or depicts a royal family in the 18th century Qing China (Marsha & David, 1996).

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I can say that this is a magnum opus of realism because the novel has ideological, idealistic and it entails the tragedies experienced by the authors since the inception of the novel. This novel is also the most amazing one since we find that women are treated with respect and considered very important people in the society, which was a rare case in 18th century. The book can also make one to shed tears of sympathy and compassion. Moreover, evaluation and judgments concerning consistency in the novel are brought out clearly by the characters in order to enable interpretation and social interaction in the novel. The novel also brought out some of most important narrative techniques such as suspense and symbolism that are clearly brought through the maids and servants (Marsha & David, 1996).    

Finally, the novel is widely spread and has expressed its outstanding creation of realism achievement by providing its richness of artistic experience to the posterity. Generally the novel brings out its sense of greatness through focusing on the both individual and the social order in the society. Even though the novel is complex, I believe that the author of this novel did a great job and readers will always want to read it more and more.


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