Free Custom «Literary Essays» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Literary Essays» Essay Paper

“On Dumpster Diving” Lars Eighner

The author of the book of this essay uses symbols to explain his message of how this world is unfair to some people. He says that he is a scavenger because he feeds on remains of other people who in real sense are those in power and have much influence in society. The scavengers are those who are poverty stricken and their living conditions are in appalling state. To him material possession does not full represent who the person is they are merely white elephant. The author in his essay that it is better to accumulate mental things than material things but mental things are immortal while the material things are mortal, they come and go.

The author reveals that on way to dumpsters, he finds so many things including love letters and ragdolls depicting many lives but he is not compelled to pick up anything without knowing when he will throw it away. According to him, this is a state of mind that is healthy. The author is right to argue that despite the fact that some people live lavishly, the altitude and air is the same to everybody. For every man it is prudent not to adore earthly materials as they come and go. It is justifiable to say that nature must have disparities and it will never be equal at any one point.

“Learning to read and write” Fredrick Douglass

The person in question went through many problems at first time when he wanted to know how to read and write since those people who were responsible for his instruction were not willing to assist him. This according to me is not right as it shows how people in society are selfish and do not want to see other prosper. At first glance, the mistress treated him well and she looked like she was tender hearted but with time she changed into an animal treating him as slave which was injurious and painful but at the end he endured the suffering in order to achieve his goals.

The author narrates how the boy used his intelligent to make friends with little boys in the street that helped him to learn how to read and write. The behavior of the mistress is not acceptable and should be shunned since it encourages mistreatment of people in society which is against moral obligation. On the same note, it is viable to say that in life nothing comes on silver platter and that we must endure pain and perseverance o attain our goals like the little boy.

“Active and Passive Euthanasia” James Rachels.

Active euthanasia is believed to be more humane than passive euthanasia. The main point is the moral principle guiding life and death. The essay focuses on the idea of making decisions between killing and letting die that does not contain moral importance. The situation where one’s life has to be ended depends on the state of health the sufferer is in. the differentiation between active and passive euthanasia is very critical to medical ethics in that there are some situations when doctors are forced to withhold treatment and let the patient die but not acceptable to actions to kill the patient.

Doctors should be aware that active euthanasia is not accepted and that they should be aware of their legal consequence of what they do. On the other hand, passive euthanasia is acceptable because it is seen as humane. The overriding idea is that the two are not morally acceptable but when compared active euthanasia will be seen as morally upright. Doctors should be aware of what they do and put in mind that terminating life is not good at all.



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