Free Custom «?Letter from Birmingham?» Essay Paper

Free Custom «?Letter from Birmingham?» Essay Paper

“Letter from Birmingham jail” is an essay that was written by Martin King junior while in jail because of opposing the oppressive laws of the state against black community in America. At the beginning of the essay, the author is candid enough to state the reasons why he has been imprisoned despite him being a leader of southern Christian conference an organization that was in full operation with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. These organizations are Christian centers that advocate for human rights and fights for equality in all sectors of life. The author states that he is Birmingham because of injustice that has spread its wings in society and that he has been jailed for agitating for freedom for the marginalized and segregated group of blacks or Negroes in America. According to the letter, the black community is being discriminated against because of colour of their skin and cannot be given chance to enjoy freedom like their fellow Americans. This is very absurd and not recognizable by the holy book which states that all men are equal.

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 People have resulted to use of violence I order to agitate for their freedom and rights. Even in Birmingham, where the population of Negros community is high, violence is the only way out because dialogue and negotiation have already failed to resolve the stalemate. In courts, there are unjust treatment, people are tortured and brutality is the order of the day. However, leaders of the Birmingham economic community make empty promises to the local population. For instance, they vowed to remove those stores that sold their goods on basis of racial lines.

The existing laws are unjust in the sense that go against the moral law as stipulated by God and that just law should be in code with moral laws. The black community everywhere they go they are mistreated and segregated from accessing public utilities that they call are for the American people.  The purpose of this letter is to show how the American society was evil before the black race was liberated by their own efforts that ended segregation and discrimination. The author knew exactly how to drive his point’s home despite the fact that he was writing the letter while in prison. The author also uses comparison to show to show the society they were living in was rotten and needed to be redeemed.


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