Free Custom «Henry V» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Henry V» Essay Paper

Henry V that was written by Shakespear has received national honor from well known scholars in the world. It is seen as a piece of art that portrays the image of national leaders in England. The major concern for most critics in the world is to explore the king’s personality so as to judge whether he or she meets the qualifications of an ideal king as stated by Shakespeare (Muir 98).

Chorus in Shakespeare’s Henry V has a key role to play. Even though Shakespeare has used chorus in all his other works, the use of a chorus in this work has a significant role. It is used to tell the story. It is a guide to the reader as it tells the story that could not have been brought out so clearly through acting since, the piece of work is a play. In Act II, we are given a story on betrayal. The chorus talks of the events that are taking place. The amount that was agreed is already paid; betrayers identified and the king is already set for a trip from London (Hatchuel & Vienne-Guerrin 102). The main aim of the chorus is to tell the audience the events of the past and what to expect. This is also the main reason why the events in the chorus are not in line with the actual events in the play. They are only put forward to create a flow of what is happening in the play.

Shakespeare’s use of a chorus in the play Henry V was a political move. Many scholars have seen the use of chorus as one that exposes various limitations on the government. He gives details of the current political powers in the world and seeks to gain the support of the people (Shakespeare 67). He explains various acts of Henry V that are a wonder to many. It also functions as a literary tool that has been used by Shakespeare to distinguish his piece of work from all the other works that have been written.



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