Free Custom «Hamlet» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Hamlet» Essay Paper


The play Hamlet is written by one of the most renowned writers William Shakespeare and its one of the most famous plays that was written in the language of English. The play is believed to have been written in the year of 1601 and 1602. Shakespeare in this play implemented the use of tragedy in order to develop drama in the story and from this style of writing. He managed to be a most skilled playwright this is when he managed to implement a wide range of styles in making sure that his themes and ideas are well put across in the play; thus sending the correct massage home.

In the play Shakespeare managed to integrate the use of tragedy, romance, drama and dilemma and conflict. These were all incorporated in the play making it more interesting and full of suspense to the readers; thus making them want to read the story until to the conclusion of the play (Irace, p.4).

In the play the playwright Shakespeare has managed to achieve a variety of artistic styles. The playwright has developed the dilemma and struggles of the hero in the play; thus showing the opposing forces that the main characters faces. This opposing force includes the need to avenge for his fathers death and the need to maintain his moral integrity. In the entire play the playwright is trying to explain the ways in which the main character is trying to balance these two opposing forces.

The Plot Summary

The play is based on Hamlet the prince of Denmark; who is on a revenge mission for the death of his father. This is revealed in the play when the Ghost of the previous King who was Hamlet father appears to the castle watchmen. They then go and inform the Prince Hamlet who meets the ghost and the ghost reveals to him that his father was killed by his own brother King Claudius; who is his uncle and also took the Queen Gertrude his mother. The ghost revealed to Hamlet who killed him and what he expects his son to do in order to fulfill its wishes (Edwards, p.3).

In the play Hamlet is in a position of killing his uncle who is the king of Denmark; but he decides not to kill him because he found him praying and by killing him while praying he would go straight to heaven. He then kills Polonius the father of his wife, this eventually results to the death of his wife and rivalry between him and the brother of his wife Laertes. The king later arranges for a fenced fight between Hamlet and Laertes and during the fight Laertes discloses to him the plot of the king of killing him (Irace, p.2). He becomes furious and kills him his mother the queen Gertrude drinks poison that was stirred the king. This makes him even more furious to the extent of killing the King Claudius; thus the entire royal family is dead and Horatio who is Hamlet’s friend remains to tell the story of the tragic death that claimed the entire royal family.  

Why Hamlet choose Horatio as his only confidant?

In the play the main character Hamlet who is the prince of Denmark has no confidant but only has his long time friend Horatio to confine to. This is when he is in a position to tell his friend very thing that he plans to do.

The main reason that has made Hamlet to confide in Horatio is because he is a close friend who studied with him in the University of Wittenberg. This is what is providing the center stage of there friendship this is because they share the same ideas as they are all educated individuals who are with the same education experience (Edwards, p.10).

The other reason that is making Hamlet confide himself to Horatio is because there is no other person in the play he can be able to confide to this is from his wife to his close guards. His wife Ophelia was Polonius daughter and in the play Polonius is a close advisor of the king Claudius who killed his father in order to ascend to be the king of Denmark. He new that if he disclosed to his wife his plans will be known as his wife will inform his father who will eventually tell the king of what the ghost of his father told him. He can’t even confide to his mother the queen Gertrude who will also tell the king what he plans to do to his (Irace, p.44).

Horatio has also proved to be a most friendly character that supports and helps Hamlet through out the play; this is what made Hamlet to tell Horatio each and every plan that he has. Hamlet, results to telling Horatio each and every secret that he has in mind because he knows that he will not disclose this information to any other person. He also wants Horatio to stay longer and ensure that the cause of his death is well taken care of in the play after his death. And he did exactly that; this is after the death of Hamlet when Hamlet asked him not to drink the poison but should remain behind in order to remain behind and tell the people the story of Hamlet. Indeed, he did that by telling the incident to Fortinbras the young Prince of Norway who came and took the throne and giving Hamlet a state burial for being the hero in the land.

Is Hamlet truly mad, or is it an act to bring his fathers murderer to justice?

According to my assessment of the play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, I highly believe that Hamlet wasn’t really mad In the play and he was just using Madness as a (cover up). It was a way of ensuring that his actions and words aren’t taken seriously by the people living around him; as this will ensure that all of his intentions and plans (his intentions were to avenge the death of his father’s death aren’t taken in seriously) but taken for granted by the other people who are in his life (Edwards, p.23).

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Hamlet started to behave in an awkward manner after he met the ghost of his father and from the information that was disclosed to him by the ghost of his dead father. He never believed in what the ghost told to him that “Claudius Is the one who killed me and took over my throne and wife, so I would want you to avenge for me by killing him for his deeds”.  These are the words that he was told by the ghost of his father and they made him loose his trust towards his uncle. As a result of that he developed hatred and wanted to do anything that would result to the death of his uncle and in consequence of this he had to have a mechanism that he would use in order to do his father justice by avenging his death (Irace, p.14).  

The other reason that makes it impossible for me to accept that hamlet was mad; is shown in the play this is when he directed the troupe of acting at Elsinore to present him with the solutions of his puzzles. This is when he asked them to stage a play called “The Murder of Gonzago”. This is a play that shows how a king was killed with his closest friend; this was just a ways in which Hamlet wanted to determine the guilt of his uncle Claudius for killing his own brother in order to take his royalty. Hamlet succeeded in determining his uncles guilt from this  play as he was in a position to see Claudius guilt at the point when the king was about to be killed. This is when he abruptly runs away from the room where play was being staged and this automatically shows the guiltiness of his uncle.

In the play Hamlet by Shakespeare Hamlet isn’t mad but is trying to be very clever in his actions. This is clearly seen when he plays very uncaring to the person he loved most, in the play he is seen telling Ophelia that he doesn’t want to marry her in any way and wants her to become a nun and incase he was the king he would ban marriage in his kingdom. This was a way he used to get away from the people who would use Ophelia to know what was in his mind. This (mad like) behavior ensured that he is not so close to his wife and thus ensuring that his intentions aren’t disclosed to his wife who would leak it to the  king through his father Polonius who is a confidant of the king (Edwards, p.39).  

Hamlet also used madness as a way of hiding his emotions and changed attitude towards his uncle after the ghost had disclosed information that he hadn’t been able to know by himself. The incident of his father’s killing by his own brother made him change his attitudes and emotions. This turned to be even worse as he developed hatred towards his uncle and this would be the only way of hiding his changed emotional and attitude change towards his uncle who was the killer of his father. This ensures that he is in a position that Hamlet is able to hide his emotions successfully through the use of madness that made it difficult for the king to realize what is going on in his mind (Irace, p.37). 



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