Free Custom «?Death and Justice? Edward Koch» Essay Paper

Free Custom «?Death and Justice? Edward Koch» Essay Paper

The author of this essay is out to look how those people who take away lives of innocent people are treated and convicted. For those who are murdered, do they get their justice even though they are dead? Killing is wrong and punishable by law.  The state has highlighted its laws concerning those people who murder or kill others. The death penalty may be seen as primitive because of the horrifying scenes of death at the gallows. Capital punishment is not liked by anyone but in order to maintain sanity in society and eradicate situations where people are butchering one another, capital punishment should be enforced so to bring those responsibility for heinous crimes to face the consequence of their actions.

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The author also states that the society is suffering from moral cowardice in that even if one is being murdered they do nothing to go and help him or her as in the case of twenty one year old woman Kitty Genovese who was not assisted by the crowd when she was being killed. More so, the court system diminishes us when it fails to perform its work to the maximum. The society should condemn all forms of murder in society as God did not give us the right to kill or take away life of an individual.


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