Free Custom «Contrapasso» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Contrapasso» Essay Paper

A contrapasso simply means a punishment of soul in Dante’s inferno that fits the crime. It is extremely similar in nature and sometimes it is opposite. The central theme is comedy and the Canterbury tales which marks an epic is the idea of being transhumant, supernatural and agency actively intervening in worldly.

In Dante’s Hell sinners are punished according to the wrong they did while they where alive. These punishments had a special meaning since it explains why sinners had to suffer form the form of allegory and the sin which they had committed. People were punished in different ways they had chosen and not because God had ordered. Contrapassco has a very important function in the poem. For example how Dante manipulated the sins of the dammed in order to march the fault they had committed.

Bolgia is an example of contrapasso where the astrologers, false prophets and sorcerers have their head twisted a round the bodies backwards. The essence of doing this is they could not see a head of them. Also it symbolizes the nature of there twisted magic that’s why they cannot see into the future by forbidden means. The function of such a contrapasso is fulfillment of destiny chosen by individual soul during there life time and not rather a divine revenge.

The discussion on the ecclesiastical and theological which is one of the Friars and the Summoner which is planned to illustrate the theme of human horizon in the context which is very important. Here two figures in the center of Dante’s Hell are locked in a furious verbal battle. The twinned populace is ever engaged in mutual accusation of each other. The inferno in mind when dealing with these two Pilgrims seems unmistakable from direct and strategically placed allusions which is very important in the poem.



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