Free Custom «Cat in the Rain» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Cat in the Rain» Essay Paper

Cat in the rain is a story written in the 1920’s years by Earnest Hemingway. Earnest used an American couple to bring out the intended meaning of the story. He sets the plot in an environment whereby the two are spending their holiday in a hotel located in an Italian town. This was during the rainy seasons and the woman notices a cat that was on the rains outside the house. The woman pities the cat and she decides to cover it from the tormenting raindrops. When she attempts to catch the cat, it runs away from her and the woman feels very bad about this. She returns to her husband to tell him what she would like hi to buy her but the man does not like what she requests (Hemmingway 3).

Apart form the literal meaning of a cat being in the open rain, the story holds more meaning within it. However, a cat that has been stuck in the rains stands in to represent other characters who get entwined between various situations in life. Hemmingway uses a noble American woman within the story. He does not specify the kind or rather the profession of the woman all through. This creates in the mind of the audience that the woman gets regard as a woman within the society and she will never come out of that noble position (Werlock 50).

Hemmingway focuses so little about her more so when she demands for her rights fro her husband. In most times, the husband does not feel good when the woman demands anything fro him and turns to be annoyed. Circumstances force the woman to demand anything that must be done to her from her husband. The husband does not seem to care for her wife until she feels that she must demand for care. At two times, the woman must point out to the husband to save pick the cat for her. The woman feels so good when with the cat more than the way she feels around her husband who is always reading and has no time for her. The rained on cat symbolizes the pretty woman suffering under the company of her husband who has no time for her (Werlock 50).

Hemmingway describes the environment to be enjoyable at first whereby there is cool breeze due to the rains and the environment is beautiful. After a very short time, he turns the atmosphere to a boring and dull environment. This resembles the change in the life of the couple after they had been together for a short period. The woman compares herself with a cat that remains in the rain for a time. The dreams and ambitions of the woman remain held inside her relationship with her husband George.

She would like to achieve more in her life but her efforts become concealed within her since her husband does not appreciate any of her efforts in moving forward. When Hemingway talks about a cat that is struggling its way out of the rain without success, he refers to the ay the American woman is working hard to get her self from the bondage of her man who is never appreciating. The woman feels unsatisfied with the kind of condition she is in yet she has no other option for this (Hemmingway 35).

George, who is the husband to the wife seems to be deeply carried away by what he is reading and does not regard his wife’s needs. Though he helps in picking the cat for her, he does not do this whole-heartedly. The story talks about the oppressed woman in her husbands company (Werlock 50).


Hemmingway way uses a symbolism whereby he compares the rained on cat with the suffering woman. He makes the woman’s husband to be busy reading and therefore attributing no time to her. The changing whether condition reflects the problems encountered within marriages time after time. The woman shouts to the husband at one point and she receives back ignorance. The story revolves around two married people who have varying goals towards life. One suffers a lot while struggling to achieve the set goals in life (Werlock 50).



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