Free Custom «Author?s Position in the Essay» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Author?s Position in the Essay» Essay Paper

Author of the essay “Should Everyone Ban Pit Bulls?” successfully proves his point of view using convincing arguments, making a lot of references and providing proved facts from different sources. He takes into account the thoughts of his opponents and clearly states and analyzes their point of view. Author’s position is very reasonable, and while trying to defend his viewpoint in the essay he nevertheless manages to find the compromise between two opposing sides to benefit both of them.

While there are many strong sides in the essay, writer’s position is too much loyal as he pays the main attention to the pit bull breeders’ point of view and analyzes the position of only some of his opponents. He doesn’t take into account the point of view of victims, who experienced pit bulls’ attacks. The writer should also consider the interests of people who live in the neighborhoods where pit bulls are bred as these people experience constant fear of these dogs. To make the essay more neutral and to deeper understand the opponents’ point of view the author should provide evidences of pit bulls’ cruelty. Concerning these facts it will be more complicated for the author to prove his position, but it will make the essay more understanding and balanced.

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Writer should deeper analyze the reasons why many people are afraid of pit bulls, and give his suggestions how to eliminate this fear from the society. Human life and health should be the priority, and not the ambitions of dog breeders, that is why it is necessary to pay the main attention to the safety of other people and to provide some proposals how to ensure that safety and how to prevent others from pit bulls’ attacks. The author should also provide some suggestions how to develop a culture of right breeding of pit bulls, and what changes the society has to experience to make the dog keeping pleasant and safe for all people.

If the writer takes into account the above mentioned suggestions, it will make his essay stronger, and he will be able to find a more balanced solution to satisfy all the sides of the conflict.


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