Free Custom «Anne Bradstreet» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Anne Bradstreet» Essay Paper

Anne Bradstreet was not born a into a poor household. Her parents were able to afford to have her tutored at home in the areas of history, languages, and literature. As such, Bradstreet grew up with a vast arsenal of knowledge that could easily compare to, if not equal the high intellect of men at the time. However, being a proper woman of her era, she knew her place and made sure not to overstep her bounds. But that is not to say that she sometimes felt a need to release her own thoughts, emotions, and points of view.

Knowing that her words and sentiments would not easily be acceptable to the men of that era, and that the women of her era would shun her the minute she displayed a capability towards free thinking and a break from Puritanism, she chose to camouflage what she wanted to let the world know through her poems. Thus, allowing her to give herself a creative release, while at the same time still staying within the bounds of proper Puritan society.

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By insuring that her poetic work leaned more towards Complimentarianism, she was able to portray the men in her poems as the leaders while the women or wives were relegated to supporting roles. But upon closer reading and assessment of her work, any modern day thinker will clearly see that she was portraying women as the weaker and less intelligent sex in her poetry, the women were actually anything but weak nor of lesser intellect. In fact, her writings were somewhat tongue in cheek. Such outwitting of the men through her writing was, no doubt, the influence of her educational background.

Choosing to feed the male ego with each poem that she wrote, gave her a chance to smokescreen the fact that her female point of view actually carried greater weight and portrayed the women as the much stronger sex, although in an assistant role. Which, if you ask me, was totally brilliant and visionary of this woman whose generation greatly limited a woman's rights.


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