Free Custom «Ancient Egypt» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Ancient Egypt» Essay Paper

Each individual has got unique personality which comprises of the traits that one develop as a result of the surrounding environment. As such, a person’s character changes with time depending on the occupation and conditions that one lives in. For instance, one’s disposition definitely changes once he becomes a soldier. According to Simpson (2003), Piye was a determined and influential soldier. Remarkably, he led an Egyptian campaign that was both military invasion and religious pilgrimage to “cleanse” a debased aristocracy. He was a zealous and devoted soldier (p.367). More over, he was a fighter and from this point of view, his occupation influenced the livelihood he thereof lived.

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Additionally, a peasant learns to be hardworking, focused, practical and sensitive to seasons. In actual sense, this becomes his or her livelihood. Simpsom (2003) explains a case of Khunanup, a peasant who left his wife determined to get some supplies from Egypt. However he was robbed his donkey on the way for he was defenseless and was considered a poor man. Unfortunately, upon presenting his petition to the chief, it was delayed. As such, he was afflicted, troubled and in sorrow. Nevertheless, he finally found favor with the chief who shielded him and gave him supplies enough for him and his family as well. Actually the peasant was a meticulous and honest man. Besides he was patient and persistent for he never gave up petitioning to the chief. Finally he was reimbursed what had been taken away from him (p.25). Such issues defined his livelihood.

Similarly, Simpsom (2003) further details a case of a shipwrecked sailor who learned to be brave and enduring being the only survivor out of 120 people. Additionally, he was strong and determined that one day he would meet his family. He had been shipwrecked on an island isle where he befriended the only inhabitant, a large serpent (p.45). On the other hand, Setna Khaemuas was a priest who was zealous of restoring the ancient monuments. He was an inspirational and influential person whose legend influenced the modern culture (Simpson, 2003 p.453). In conclusion therefore, the various livelihoods influence people’s character and the way they live.


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