Free Custom «A Streetcar Named Desire» Essay Paper

Free Custom «A Streetcar Named Desire» Essay Paper

A Streetcar Named Desire is a play that was written in the year 1947 by an American play writer known as Tennessee Williams, the play "A Streetcar Named Desire" is a romantic, drama and tragic play that revolves around the life of a thirty year old lady known as miss Blanche DuBois, who is the main character in the splay who has undergone a lot of misfortunes which includes loosing her lovely husband to suicide, loosing her job because of having a sexual relation with her student, being raped with her sisters husband (Stanley) and initially taken to a rehabilitation center because of claims that she was psychologically sick (Williams, par 7). The play also indicates the cultural differences between her with Stanley Kowalski who is Polish and there cultural believes and practices are contradicting this showing that these characters don't enjoy or even like each others company yet they are connected with one character Stella s who is Blanche's sister and Stanley's wife.

In this paper I am going to highlight on the themes that are presented in the play A Streetcar Named Desire, the play is wrote in a modern setting in that there are vehicles, clubs, newspaper, Story building (Mortgage) and other modern things, therefore in this paper I will talk of the different themes that are expressed in the play as some of these themes include the following Fantasy, Sex, and the theme of over-Dependence on Men. The first theme that I will highlight is the theme of Fantasy, this is also known as the inability to face reality or overcome reality, in this play the theme of fantasy is highly shown as the main character and other characters in the play are escaping reality and swill try all the possible means to escape what is real and hide in there imaginations.

In the play A Streetcar Named Desire, the main character Blanche is the most affected character that is hiding from reality and opts to force her self to believe that her life is becoming better day by day (Williams, scene 1).

This is where the character is faced with mysterious misfortunes that include the death of her husband, being fired from her profession, losing there Belle Reeve house because she had mortgage arrears and having a chain of sexual partners that she feels that are out to use and waste her. Blanche is very afraid to face these problems that she is facing straight and will opt into activities like drinking badly and playing poker with the other characters who were running away from reality (Williams, scene 2). The problem that Blanche had of drinking excessively was a clear indication that she had given up in life and never have any hope other than fantasizing, this is clear in the play as she doesn't see Mitch as the kind of man who will come to her rescue and provide her with all her needs and wants this is because she has a longtime suitor known As Shep Huntleigh who she dreams of daily and hope that he will come to her rescue and provide her with all the things that she requires and needs.

The play also shows that Stanley is living in fantasy as he has lost hopes in life and the only hope that remained for him was the misfortunes that befell Blanche, so in this case he was using the past experiences of Blanche to run away from his real life and only dwell on the past misfortunes of Blanche and at the same time escaping his own past and present problems. Mitch is also living in fantasy in that he is most of the times drunk because he lives in his old sickly mother's house he knows that his mother will soon die and he opts to drink senselessly in order to escape this reality.The other theme in the play is the theme of sex and its connections with death the main character Blanche is sad because of the death of her longtime teenage friend and husband Allan Grey who died because Blanche disclosed to the public that he was a homosexual and she caught him in bed with another man.

Blanche is also afraid of death as she will opt to have sexual activities with younger men and swill not be willing to disclose her true age to the people around her in attempts of making the people believe that she is young, that thought alone shows that she doesn't want to be seen as old and this will make her believe that's she isn't aging and will stay a little longer before she dies.

Sex is also expressed in the play as Stella has opted to stay with Stanley and disconnecting the contact that she had with her family members this is because of the sexual satisfaction that she has with Stanley and wouldn't leave him for another man (Williams, scene 2). This theme is also expressed in the play from the lust that Stanley had on Blanche as he was jealous and angry because she was developing a relationship with Mitch.

The overdependence in men is another theme in the play this is when the writer places the women characters in the play place all there plans and hopes in the men and they can't be complete without the men in there life, in this case Blanche has placed all her hopes in the millionaire Shep Huntleigh as the only man who will come to rescue her from the problems that she is facing at the moment while Stella on the other side has high hope on Stanley to the extent of leaving her family members out of her life in order to be with the love of her life.



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