Free Custom «A Fabulous Child?s Story» Essay Paper

Free Custom «A Fabulous Child?s Story» Essay Paper

A Fabulous Child's Story is a tale that has been written by Louis Gould about a kid called X. in the tale, a team of scientists discovers the right parents to bring up the infant (Wei, 2009). In that case, the scientists hoped to establish the impacts of not raising the kid in the manner which would adapt to conventional expectations, as well as gender stereotyping. The child X is to be nurtured using standards that are stipulated in the Official Instruction Manual. The kid is to be referred to by no other name than X. The identity and sex of the child is never revealed, and this scenario begins to upset the baby’s friends and relatives (Wei, 2009). The baby’s parents cuddle and bounce it. They buy clothes and toys for both sexes with the hope that child X would in effect become robust, strong, gentle, and kind.

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Child X is taught the manner of playing with dolls, trucks, and houses, besides catching the ball. After attaining the school going age, X is dressed in white and red checkered overalls with neutral arrangement of buttons. The buttons neither faces left as in case with boys’ clothes, or right, as is the case for boy’s clothing (Wei, 2009). X is athletically and academically gifted, a situation that facilitates the baby’s easy time in school. The teachers help the child in the best way they can as they are informed of the happenings. Surprisingly, baby X succeeds in most of the activities that are meant for both sexes. X appreciates every undertaking that he pursues. The rest of the students start to realize that baby X enjoys the company of both boys and girls. The situation begin to worry other parents so much that they advice their kids to stop playing with baby X (Wei, 2009). Following the kids’ defiance, the parent ends up demanding a psychiatric examination. The examination reveals that baby X is a befuddled child, a type that had never been dealt with before. As such the scientist doesn’t find an identity for the child.


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