Free Custom «A Doll's House» Essay Paper

Free Custom «A Doll's House» Essay Paper

What makes a family live together happily is the attention and support that spouses give to each other more so on the activities that a spouse may like most. Male chauvinism has greatly affected the way husband and wife interacts and assists each other on matters of personal interests. A Doll’s House is a play which was acted in the year 1879 by Henrik Ibsen who was a Norwegian play writer. It basically dwells on feminism and was very critical to the norms of marriage in the 19th century. By preparing for performance at a costume party, it clearly indicates that Nora is a performer hence will need time and assistance in preparing for the performance. From the way the husband was carrying out his activities when at home it is true that he and his wife were not doing what the wife liked most.

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The husband has been concentrating so much on the banking matters after being elevated to the level bank manager. He gave very little attention to his wife since in all cases after coming home from work he went to read his emails. Since she was very anxious because of the performance that she was to do at the party she begs her husband to coach her. After agreeing to assist his wife in practicing, her performance turns out to be very poor hence he decides to dedicate all the evening to coaching her. This is an indication that Nora has not been practicing on her performance and the husband has not been caring about it since he was begged to coach her that evening. Another indication that the best preference of Nora is not supported by the husband is the fact that after she performed she was hurriedly taken back home. And immediately they reached home the husband does not even set time aside for discussing the performance as he goes direct to read his emails.

Even though the husband finally takes time to assist his wife he does not do it with a lot of commitment. This is by having a single day coaching of his wife and also forcefully dragging her from the party with an aim of going to do his things. Torvald says, “And you tortured yourself, you could see no way out but to—No, we won't remember ugliness. We'll be happy and we'll keep saying, it's finished, it's finished. Listen to me, Nora, you don't seem to understand. It's finished. Now what's this—this cold expression? Dear little Nora, I do know. You just can't believe that I've forgiven you everything. I do know that what you did you did out of love for me”, III pg 28 (Henrik p. 28). It is true that Nora loves him but he does not show the same to her hence his uncaring nature. Women need love in the same way that men need hence for a sustainable relationship all parties must show love to each other.


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