Free Custom «Turning Point» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Turning Point» Essay Paper

The unpredictability of life is what contributes to twists of fate, which result to turning points in a person’s life. The turning point in my life occurred while I was at a tender age of sixteen. It resulted to my departure from home, which comprised of two siblings and my parents. The turning point of my life enabled me to realize that, in life, there is only one thing that is constant, while the rest that occur is at the mercies of their whims. Among the events that contributed to the turn of events in my life, there is disobedience to my parents, my desire for adventure, and wish for my friends to see me taking control of my own life.

This essay explicates the events that contributed to the turning point of my life.

As a teenager, I was always a rebel and did not want to do what my parents asked. This infuriated them while on my side it never made sense why they should be concerned. I used to engage in activities such as spending time at the mall, and hanging out with my girlfriends, which infuriated my parents. These behaviours did not impress my parents as they saw it as an indication of what was coming. However, to me, their constant beckoning to stop the unacceptable behaviour felt like they were nagging me, and especially my mum, at times I felt like she was overprotecting me by instilling her harsh rules.

My behaviour suddenly grew from bad, to worse, as I started attending night movies and staying out late. My parents’ efforts of attempting to convince me to change only fell on deaf ears, as I continued with my weekend’s routine of going out with my girlfriends whom I used to hang out with. The turning point commenced when I stopped returning home from these parties. It was a normal Friday just like the previous one, and we were partying at a club in our neighbourhood. I was sitting at the counter when a dude who regaled me with stories of movies that he had watched approached me. At first, I misunderstood his intentions until he started pouring out his undying affection to me. I was young and confused because previously I used to hang out with boys for fun, but this person wanted us to stay together. I was overcome with joy and accepted his offer.

Many friends were astonished with my decision because I never informed my parents about my plans. My parents also found out about me staying with a person that they had not been introduced to, and were exasperated. They tried to warn me again, but I never heeded anything that they said. I did not embrace my dad’s conservative ways, and that is why I rebelled. To me, life had just begun because the dude I had met known as Sam was so affectionate, spoiled me with different gifts, and he took my virginity. However, this event resulted to me and Sam been forced to marry on the assumption that if we did not, it would disgrace my dad’s family. I considered this as a pathetic belief, but I had no option rather obligating to my dad’s demands.

From the start, our marriage was not a bed of roses like I had expected. This made me realize the difference between a fling and a long term relationship because, in our marriage, we could not communicate. We could not communicate because he was irresponsible, hooked on drugs, and was not able to finish high school. In addition, he was a womanizer. This made our relationship like a living hell, but I was forced to stay for the sake of our son. I wanted my son to have a good life with both parents around, although the situation went from bad to worse, and he had to live and settled with his previous girlfriend. This was like double betrayal to me as I had no one to support me at a time I did not have a stable job.

To add insult to injury, Sam rarely provided financial support for our son, and the few times that he was at home, he was so violent, and on several occasions threatened to kill due to undisclosed reasons. This made me feel unsafe because it meant our son could become a victim yet he was innocent. This went on for about four years when I decided to quit the marriage because I was sacrificing a lot but getting nothing out of the relationship. The situation had worsened that I could not persevere, and I was now mature, and believed I could change my life for the best. I decided to leave him for good, and went back to my parents’ place where I settled while contemplating my next move.

I had undergone such a rapid transition that it is not enough to compare it with caterpillar to butterfly. Still, I feel this is not the best expression because the change that I experienced from an innocent and carefree child to an adult was enormous. To me, the experience felt like been stranded in an alien world, and contributed to my change in beliefs that I had lodged in my mind as my long-term plans. Arguably, I felt like I had been a second chance to begin a new life.



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