Free Custom «Turning Point of My Life» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Turning Point of My Life» Essay Paper

In my life, I have undergone turning points that have changed my life. These turning points are the twists of fate that have separated me from the home of my childhood. Most of my happy memories are rooted deep into my childhood. When I was a child, I had the strong belief that nothing would change the long periods of days and nights when I would play innocently and freely, this unfolding presented a great shock to me afterwards in life. At that tender age, I was able to realize that is one thing offered by life that is constant. All the other things that occur in life are at the mercy of their whims. I had the privilege of being born in an ideal family that was made up of a younger sister and two loving parents. However, my sweet childhood was soon to come to an abrupt and an unanticipated end. Girls from the neighborhood had influenced my behavior and character. I was so defiant to what my parents told me. I was always on the wrong side doing things that were not acceptable. As a teenager, it never made any sense to me that my mother was trying to instill discipline on us so that we could enjoy our future lives. She was always nagging telling us to be doing this or that, at times telling us to do things that we saw as

having little or no relevance. On several occasions, I failed to turn up in the evening, and the following day she was there shouting at me. I felt like I was a prisoner in this small world, yet I wanted freedom that would enable me do whatever I wanted. I was so tired of living this type of life, so when a friend of mine introduced me to his friend who worked abroad, I felt relieved. The man was very nice as he always talked of seeing his future life with me and with our kids. The event that changed my life was my marriage. From the start, our relationship was not a bed of roses. Despite the fact that we had the same nationality, we could not communicate with each other. This was because he lived in a different country. I lived in Philippines while he lived in Russia. He bore me several kids though the frequency of our meeting was very low. He rarely visited which made me think that I was not getting the love that I deserved. He did not support us financially as I struggled to feed my children. On the unusual instances when you can find him at home, he was so violent, and on several occasions, he had threatened to kill me due to reasons he did not disclose to me. I felt unsafe because it could mean that my children could also be victims yet they were so innocent. After about four years in the relationship, I decided to quit because I was not getting enough from the marriage yet I was sacrificing a lot. I could no longer persevere as I was now mature, and I knew that I possessed the ability to change my life for the best. I had undergone such a rapid transition that it’s not enough to compare it with from caterpillar to butterfly. This is not the best expression because the transition I underwent was from an innocent and carefree child to an adult that had very problems. It was an experience that was almost like the whole world turning upside down or being stranded in an alien strange world. It changed my beliefs that I had formulated for myself in my mind as life time goals. In summary, I felt like I had been forced to become somebody new so that I could adapt to this new life.

I therefore decided to go abroad to look for greener pastures so that my children would enjoy their future lives. I then decided that my destination was Kuwait. I worked and lived in Kuwait between 1991 and 2003. This geographical shift that involved moving thousands of miles changed my life completely. At first, I had the feeling that I had just arrived in a foreign place where I was considered totally strange. In Kuwait, I was considered too Philippine, and in Philippine, I was considered too Kuwait. The clash between the two cultures presented a huge shock for me. In Philippines, we dressed in ways that were not considered to be decent but Kuwait being a Muslim country; one had to dress so decently. Ladies were supposed to dress by covering their whole bodies except the face and head. When I arrived in Kuwait, I could not address people frankly because I had to learn to address them respectfully as their ages and relationships required. It was challenging staying in Kuwait despite my job that was well paying. I tried all my best to adapt to the social and cultural norms of the people of Kuwait. I came to realize that not right for women to go partying in Kuwait as opposed to Philippines where partying was a normal occurrence.

It was during my stay in Kuwait that I met a very wonderful and loving man. His name was Daniel Duncan. I found him to be so amazing from the first day I saw him. He was so handsome and caring. My past relationship had eroded from my head and heart because it had been long since I was last in a relationship. Once again, I longed for the feeling of being close to someone who could be my companion and friend, always helping and assisting me. I wanted someone whom I could lean on, and Daniel was of this type. I had to let my past go which compelled me to get strongly attached to David. In 2003, I had to leave Kuwait and go back to Philippines because my dada was sick. I had to look after him for the reason that he was in a very terrible state. David left for America as I went back to Philippines. We had decided that I would stay in Philippines till he got American citizenship. In 2007, we did our awesome wedding that was attended by close relatives and friends. Once again in life, I felt loved because he was the most amazing person to me. I always thought about him despite the distance that separated us. We had promised to love each other till death, and to always provide happiness to the other.

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In 2009, I moved to the United States to live with him officially. I was so excited as this would mean constant appreciation and love. However, life in America never turned out to be the way I expected it to be. The climate here was so different from climate in Philippines which was always sunny. Here in America, winter would mean absolute cold that forced one to dress very heavily. Another problem was the idea of being jobless. I was trained to be a restaurant manager, but upon arriving in the United States, I could not find that kind of job. I therefore, had to change my career and work as a nurse which am currently doing. Life in American is interesting, though I miss my children in Philippines a lot. I wish to bring them here one day.



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