Free Essay Sample «The Turning Point»

Free Essay Sample «The Turning Point»

Life, in general, has its ups and downs. Some moments are full of joy while others are sad and demand a lot of reflection, courage and self-determination so as to overcome them. Some events may take place that change one’s life entirely. Losing a loved one, whom one has always taken for granted may be a very painful moment. This was the exact situation I found myself in when my grandmother passed away. I was only sixteen when she died. This was a particularly sad moment for my brother and me since she had brought us up after the death of our parents who had died in a road accident when I was at a tender age of ten. Back then, I was too young to understand the implications of my parents’ death. My grandmother’s death, however, was in stark contrast to that of my parents. Not only was I very fond of her but she had also served to fill the void left by parents, a gap that she more than amply filled.

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Our lives changed dramatically after the death of our grandmother. My brother and I had to relocate from our comfortable three-bedroom house to our aunt’s place. Although her house was bigger and more comfy, I hated leaving my edroom. This was one place that I found peace and solace.  I knew every little nook and cranny for I spent almost my entire free time fantasizing in those four walls. There was a photograph of my most favorite actor, Jonny Depp, on the wall opposite the door that I adored so much. Obviously, I could not hang this at my aunt’s place since I had to share a room with my niece who hated Jonny Depp with a passion for acting as a treacherous pirate in his movies. This loss was however overshadowed by the fact that I was leaving a place I had called home for my entire life.

My aunt, being a teacher by profession, entertained no jokes when it came to academics. My brother and I were always in the bottom quarter in our former school. After we moved in at Aunt Katherine’s house, she immediately transferred us to Cheltenham High School. Being a member of staff, she knew each and every prank that we pulled off. My aunt never got tired of punishing us, her daughter inclusive. She would discipline us with such vigor that can only be compared to that of a pastor when exorcising demons. In only two semesters, my brother and I were topping our respective classes.

Perhaps the most significant change that happened after my grandmother’s death was our new wealth. The following day after my grandmother’s burial, our personal lawyer came to our house and announced that my brother and I were the only trustees to a vast estate that had been previously owned by my parents and had been administered by my grandmother, in our best interests, since then. She had constantly mentioned that we need not worry for our future was already taken care of but I had never thought of asking her to elaborate. I was beside myself with joy after days of constant worrying over our future. There and then, I knew that my dream to once join college and pursue a profession of my choice would one day come true.

My life had previously been sweet but I had lacked ambition. Everything comes at a price. My grandmother had always been insistent that only through education would we be men and women of substance. It dawned on me what she exactly meant when she constantly stated that a fool and his money are soon parted. My grandmother’s death was a blessing in disguise, only that some blessings come at such a huge cost. 


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