Free Custom «The Health Care Bill» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Health Care Bill» Essay Paper

The passing of the health care reform bill has been viewed as an historical event in the United States since it overhauls the whole health care sector in the nation. Many people are not able to afford insurance cover hence the sensitivity of the matter to the poor mass who are to gain from the bill. This issue has divided the country right in the middle. Many Americans believe application of this bill will plunge the country into total bankruptcy due to the expected rise of taxes that will fund the health care reform.

Many Americans also trust that this is what America needed, it will be possible for each and every American to have medical coverage albeit at the expense of everyone else because every citizen through taxation will fund the Health Care whether they need it or not, to those who need it the most. Many people supporting the bill are believed to be those of low income thus not auguring well with the middle-income people. As a country, good health is obligatory for the survival thus it is essential to make it available to everyone whether they can afford it or not. The people fearing that it may lead the country to bankruptcy should not consider that as a reason but rather a paranoid perspective (Spencer, 2010). The experts carried out research on each and every element and proved its liability thus all that is remaining is putting it to practice.

This bill also brings in the governing system a form of equality, some companies can afford health care for its employees as opposed to some who cannot thus leveling the ground is a very important step by the government to introduce equality into its systems of governance. It is also hell for those people who change or lose their insurance because they are let go from their jobs. At this point you spend all you have to merely stay alive then depend on well-wisher care. In the case that one wants to change his/her medical insurance, pre-existing health conditions like Cancer will not be covered by the new insurance company thus living you for the dead if you cannot afford. With the new bill, it will be affordable to all without discrimination.

Not a single thing is perfect, this health care bill included hence Americans should embrace it as a step in the right direction. It has its flaws but for sure it is far much better than what has existed in the health system. Americans should focus on pulling together as a nation and not the have to one side and the have-not to the other. Some comments by the people opposed to the bill depict that they people who can afford would rather the other people who cannot afford die out of inability to insure themselves than have something change; adamancy. A closer look at the situation, the United States spend a lot of money on issues that are non-American thus its time the government spent some money on the welfare of its citizens.

The only republican to have initially supported the health care bill Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe acknowledges that there are some elements of the bill she opposes e.g. the government having unfair advantage since it will be a government run grand-project. She says that her constituents prefer the bill since they believe that it is what is right for them and the nation as a whole. She lost her mother and father when she was still young and the introduction of affordable health care coverage would help those people who grapple with illnesses of serious nature but cannot afford insurance. The numerous political and philosophical differences are the biggest hindrances to the implementation of the bill despite the senate approval. It is important that the process that has nagged the United States for long be moved forward to get it done over with and let Americans enjoy what is good for them. Postponing the problem is never a solution for it will always come back until it is solved thus as much as there are faults in it, this is a step In the right direction for the United States.

The health care seems to have favored some people as opposed to others, no wonder the divide in its support and opposition. The drug industry is a big gainer in the passing of the bill since more people will be in a position to buy prescription drugs since they are now covered is also allows 12yrs of exclusivity in biologics. Its objective of providing access of health to millions of people who cannot afford is surely a noble cause and needs to be lauded from every front in United States (Ken, 2009). Nobody said it was the Promised Land but it sure is the road there. The bill, as the opponents don’t want people to believe will save in a long-term basis up to ten times what is currently running.

The costs that families of terminally or chronically ill people incur while treating their loved ones is great and this cost does not affect only these families but also the government and obviously the economy, it is therefore worth taking the first step towards fixing the situation than always relying on damage control that the nation has been using for so long now. The insurers have hence to take responsibility unlike before to provide health insurance to the ill even if they had pre-existing medical condition (Alex, 2010). This way a patient will not have to worry about losing coverage when moving to another company who are not able to provide for its employees health care.

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The somewhat bloated salaries of the bankers and other American professional doing well in the society has brought the fore the issue of lack of enough physicians and health workers. Thus inadequacy has led to the cost of their services spiraling up out of control increasing their incomes because they are in demand. They would do the same good job while earning a little less just like in many countries in Europe. All the state needs to do is train more doctors to curb the shortage and also bring the cost of their services down. This is what the nation needs, a complete overhaul of the health care system that does not only look at the insurance provision but also the nitty gritties that will ease the implementation of the health care bill.

Employers with at least fifty employees will also be required to provide mandatory health insurance or be fined to the tune of $2000 per worker each year if any employees goes for federal subsidies to cover health insurance. This benefits the worker who will not be tied down by their employers. But the individuals also as from the year 2014 they will be required to purchase health insurance or be penalized $695 per year. The poor low-income people are excluded from this in some cases. Early retirees between the ages of 55-64 also set off their health bills of employers. The self employed and the uninsured will also be able to purchase insurance via exchanges from the state with subsidies set aside for individuals and those families earning between 133 and 400% of the level of poverty.

As opposed to what they have been doing, the insurer will be barred from leaving out people from coverage when they fall ill, this ensures that their health care is guarantee a sign of development for a country since its population’s health provision will be guaranteed. Coverage of lifetime will be removed and yearly limits restricted. This particularly is a good step in ensuring that the life expectancy is high thus development for any country whose people are hopeful for the future and not when their lives depend on other people’s decisions just because they cannot afford. Children, the future of any country economically, socially and all aspects are also beneficiaries because the insurers will be prevented from excluding the children from health care coverage because of a pre-existing medical conditions. (Warner, 2009)

Young adults, the most active of the population will remain on their parents’ health care plans until they reach the age of 26 as opposed to the current situation where many health plans make parents drop the sons and daughters from coverage when they hit 19 years old. A program on home and community-based care for the disabled and the under-privileged also come with the many benefits of the as early as October and will be implemented in states. A monumental bill it was, it was passed; now the hardest part is here, the pros have been outlined explicitly and the advantaged examined closely on how important a step it is to the development of United States. All we have to do is seeing as it rolls out.



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