Free Custom «The Good Life of America» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Good Life of America» Essay Paper

In the pursuit for good life, Americans have had to go through a lot of challenges. These challenges range from political, socio-economical to cultural challenges. These challenges to place in a chronological order. Since the formation of the United States of America in 1776, war continued, when this came to an end, there was prosperity period with the entire world at peace. An era of early national development that was characterized stabilization of the financial system and harmonization of tax on import.

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Subsequent challenges that made the Americans not achieve the American Dream of leading a good life included; the civil wars, progressive era, imperialism and the world wars. There was also the suffrage of the women and great depression. America later entered into war with Germany and Japan before the start of cold war after it emerged as one of the superpower (Bacevich, 2009).During the rise of civil right movements and the women movement, the country was experiencing full implementation of the liberalism. During this time most the Americans had not realized the good life that they wanted.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, U.S becomes the sole superpower continuing its military activities like the Gulf war and the fight against Saddam Hussein regime. There was also al-Qaeda terrorism networks that threaten to attack the United States. The 9/11 attack of the twin towers ad the pentagon brought the country at its knees forcing the Bush administration to declare war on terror and the subsequent attack of the al-Qaeda group (Clinton, 2007). There was also declaration of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. In December 2007 U.S experienced a major recession that saw many people loosing a lot. This recession continued till this year affecting every sector of the economy. All these factors have contributed negatively to the achievement of the American life that is good life.


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